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Rust Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

The very first thing you must know when playing Rust is that you will perish. This statement is a lot, and that is fine. The game is a grind, and death is going to be a part of your experience. Thus, do not sweat it. Just figure out the game’s mechanics and play on a silent server.

Rust Beginner's Guide

A beginner’s guide to the game of Rust is what everyone desires for obvious reasons. That is because simply making it through your day one on Rust is no picnic. The survival game is punishing. And, it possesses everything from complex weapons to electrical systems and vehicles. On the one hand, zombies, animals, and the environment will try to kill you. But, if you heed our tips and tricks, you will live long enough.

Muster resources but not a lot of them

This tip may sound cliché, but you have to trust us. During your early days in the game, you will be enticed to harvest and pick up everything you see. But, overstocking can act as your bane. Do not gather up extra stuff as you will only invite risks to yourself.

Prioritize constructing a basic shelter somewhere safe. Unless you do not have a place to stockpile your materials, they are of no use. Focus on only those things that you need to create a base. Hunt for a safe spot, build your base, sort your essentials before you stock up on tons of stones and wood.

Maintain your base after having built it

All right, we have got our basic materials now and found a spot to call it our home. Next, we will build a base to protect ourselves and work from. A wood shelter is going to be your primary place. It will only cost you 50 blocks of wood to make but to insert a vital door; you need 30 more planks of wood. The door will keep the other players and animals out.

Rust keeps on building pressure on players by deteriorating the form of the structures through decay over time. Hence, you have to keep performing upkeep to make the base last long. Collect 1000 woods to create a tool cupboard. Stock the same materials you used to build your base, to prevent them from decaying. Do not build anything too large that you will not be able to feed later.

Indispensable craftables and materials

When you wake up in the game, you begin your journey with just two bandages, a torch, and skimpy rock. As you see, there is not a lot you get to start work with. Thus, you have to commence building up supplies. The stone will be your best friend to craft great staff to help you collect all basics.

Find a ground or tree right away to keep your log piles. Obtain a lot of wood because you will need it for a hatchet, storage boxes, shelter, and campfires. Look out for stones as well to make a basic hatchet. Hit the tab button to open your craft menu once you have collected five stones and ten planks of wood.

After getting a hatchet stock up on clothes and food, you will die out of starvation without food. Pick mushrooms, pumpkins, corn, and harvest cactus for the flesh. Find small cans near mines, kill animals, catch fish and kill humans to roast their meat.

Pick cloth from the hemp plants and after getting 30 clothes, craft your sleeping bag.

Look behind

The tip may sound inane, but it does come in handy when you are farming, running, or doing something important. Press Alt to look around freely, without changing your direction. That means you can tend a tree or node before you while looking to the side and behind.

Pick your server

Before you can take your initial step in Rust, you will have to make a crucial decision. That has to be choosing the server. Selecting the wrong server can make your game play downright miserable. Do not pick anyone at random to play fast.

For a smooth gaming experience, click on the community tab. Here you will find servers and terms like beginner/friendly. Start by choosing one around your level of skill. We suggest looking through a modded or community server with an enthusiastic staff that monitors players and bans hackers.

Understand statuses and stats

Rust is a game of survival, and the keyword of this game is also survival. To survive, you must know ways to stay alive. Three bars you will see at your screen’s bottom right, at all times, are RADS, calories, and health.

Replenish your health meter by eating food. RADS stands for radiation. To stop the health meter from draining, stay away from radioactive areas. Gain calories by drinking and eating for the calorie meter.


We hope our tips help you ace the game. And if you have any valuable tricks for us, please feel free to comment down below.

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