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Perks Of Taking Data Science As A Career

The field of data science is getting a lot of attention recently and has opened a door for plenty of job opportunities. Companies have already recruited a lot of data scientists, and there is still a lot of recent listing on job portals available where one can apply. To get more details about training courses, read data science training in Bangalore.

Perks Of Taking Data Science As A Career

The non-stop progression in the new advancements of technology in the world releases a lot of data as the by-product. It consists of the tiniest information stored in our smartphones and its related apps. Data science is considered one of the hottest career paths as of now and for the coming future.

A lot of online course in data science is available on the internet and can be an excellent option to start. You would first need to check on the types of courses along with the availability before looking into advantages of taking up a course in data science.

So, if you are planning to step into this fascinating field, don’t forget to read the advantages which we are listing down below.

Placement at a good company.

Wait, let me rephrase the heading, “Placement at the world’s best company.” Once you have mastered the data science, you get fantastic opportunities to work with famous companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. These companies have tons of data to look after, and they use the techniques of data science to increase the sales of their products and services. Furthermore, data science is one the best example of Uber’s heave pricing

Earnings are good.

The average salary of a data scientist in the united states approximately $120000, which can rise to $150000. A lot of data science graduates found a job with a median salary of $114000 without any difficulties. Data science job is placed on the number on position among the top 25 best jobs according to a survey in 2016, and the best thing is that it still holds the number one position in 2019.

Training, course, and certification

Every job requires a certificate and training for qualifications. The data scientists with certifications and experience can expect around 60% rise in their pay, which when compared to a non-certified professional is much higher, as they have only 35 % chances in the pay rise. The path for a pay rise and promotions has no speed breakers for certified data scientists, but this doesn’t mean that self-taught data scientist cannot get promotions. If you meet the requirements of the company and work with perfection, no one can stop you from getting a pay rise and progress to higher posts. 

Never-ending demand for data scientists

A data scientist has a lot of paths to choose from

  • Project management
  • Security
  • System architecture

Data consultancy

The demand in these areas is enormous, and companies will continue to demand data scientist in the coming future. The job’s growth rate is more, and a lot of students have already chosen data science as a career. The job growth rate for information security analyst is 280%, and the same for other profiles as well. More than a million data scientists were in demand in the year 2018, and as per IBM’s prediction, the need for data scientist will never be low.

Secure career to pursue

 Technology keeps on changing everyday, and people have started to accept that everything that shines today in the tech world will be taken over by shinier thing, but this is not the case in data science.

This doesn’t mean that a data scientist should stop learning new things about their field because learning new stuff about the area will increase the chances of job security and promotions. We are very well known with the fact that automation is taking over quickly and a lot of work in companies are performed by Robotics process automation. So, there are chances that in future some areas of data science will be automated while some of them will still require manual work.

Final verdict 

The advantages of choosing data science as a career are not limited to the one we have mentioned. If you are interested in data science and want to make a career in it, you should start learning from today.

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