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The Scariest Xbox Games You Should Try Today

Horror games seem to be becoming scarcer as time passes, and there is a diverse range of titles available for players seeking some chills and shocks while gaming at online gambling or your favorite Xbox console. For now, this article is going to give you the best Xbox horror games

The Scariest Xbox Games

Alan Wake

This Xbox game still is a crowd favorite in the gaming world, and it stands up really well for a game it initially appeared on the Xbox 360 in 2010. In the game, Alan’s wife goes missing, and as he is hunting for her, he notices that events from his novel are coming to fruition. The problem is that he has zero recollection of creating them. The game is divided into chapters and plays out much like a TV show – only it is frequently horrifying and keeps us on the tip of our seats. If you haven’t played Alan Wake before, this is a good chance to find out whatever you’ve been losing out on.

Blair Witch

Blair Witch, the videogame that originally comes from the famous 1999 film – which in itself features two sequels. While the recent one is quite terrific the other isn’t even noteworthy because it comes with a lot of plot twists. Luckily, the game is worth discussing, and though the jump scares may become repetitive and far less effective as the game progresses, it does nothing to diminish how scary this is. The atmosphere contributes much to its attraction. You truly feel as if you are there and a part of the event, and this brings with it an awful sensation of dread that never really goes away. This is absolutely something you should think of before gaming at night. You can check out best online casino usa for scariest online casino games.

Doom Eternal

The game is for those that enjoy horror but like it with a heavy dosage of graphic violence and blood, the Doom series is likely to be exactly up your alley, with the current game, Doom Eternal, promising to be a favorite with gamers and a game that we keep coming back to.

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