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Revolution of Instagram and How It Evolved the Concept of Photography

Since the inception of Instagram, a lot has changed. Visuals were not as important as they are now than before. The concept of visual marketing is at its peak with countless business availing this platform to market their services and products. It is true that the impact of visuals is far greater than textual content on individuals.

It was introduced in 2010 and since then, Instagram has turned out to be a massive success. Even though all types of businesses affirm their presence on this platform, it was initially meant for photographers. We cannot deny the fact that this application has contributed a lot to the evolution of concept of photography.

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Social media integration

It is now pretty much easy with Instagram to share photographs in the easiest way. Visuals, either in the form of photographs or videos, can immediately be shared on different platforms as well such as Twitter and Facebook. In just a couple of minutes, hundreds and thousands of people can view the content being shared, but it is essential to have enough followers. Platforms like can be helpful in this case.

Convenient editing

The visual content can be easily managed with the retro-inspired filters. Individuals do not need to utilize other applications as the filters are within this application. Even though professional photographers may need a more detailed editing tool, Instagram users would find the filters more than useful. A desirable image can be created within seconds. In fact, it is one of the most convenient form of editing.

A useful alternative

Professional photographers use cameras like DSLR which produce heavy results. The resultant files are heavy in size and are not suitable for normal people. Most Instagram users capture photographs through normal phone cameras that are easier to carry. IPhones are widely used to capture images that are being posted on Instagram.

With Instagram, photography has become much simpler. It provides an all-inclusive platform were photos can be captured, edited and shared in just a couple of minutes. It has provided an alternative to expensive cameras.


Instagram is perceived by countless individuals and professionals to bring a revolution in the industry of photography. It was the first photo-sharing application that crossed the feat of 300 million users. Given its large user base, a number of businesses are making most out of it. This has resulted in creation of a whole new industry of digital marketers who constantly focuses upon the importance of visual content. Better the content being posted on Instagram, better connection there is between businesses and customers.

In fact, it has even provided a classical opportunity for aspiring photographers to showcase their skills. Given that more people are now interested in viewership of quality content, photographers tend to capture quality visuals and share them with their followers. This has resulted into development of new ideas, new thoughts and the youth experimenting with their cameras. The ultimate result is a revolution in the concept of photography.

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