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The Future Of File Sharing

Future Of File Sharing

There’s much more to file sharing than downloading illegal songs or movies. The media often concentrates on this aspect of filing sharing, but the truth is that there are many profitable and legitimate uses for filing sharing technology, like the torrent and other methods. Presently, many of these are business applications; however, the future of this technology seems very exciting due to the ever-increasing associations of such usage.

However, as our usage is increasing, the threat of file stealing and security breaching also raises. As the distance between legal and illegal file sharing grows smaller, what else can we anticipate for the future of file sharing?

 1. Access from anywhere and at anytime

One of the factors that file sharing will inspire is “anytime, anywhere access.” In other words, as file transferring grows more comfortable to do, users will demand more access to it. When you no longer required to log into an email account to share files, and can instead transfer files over time from anywhere with an app, then more and more users will take advantage of this facility to transfer their files. More file transfers and access implies there will be an increased demand for better security and authentication standards.

2. Improvement in Security through Data Analysis

As more and more users begin transferring files on private networks, the need for enhanced security will become readily evident. Big data analysis is going to stress systems to their limits. Threats from within and outside the company can increase, relying on size and type of the industry or the firm. Therefore, expect significant companies and organizations to spend more cash and use more support for security and network protection methods.

Future Of File Sharing

Even small to medium businesses will require enlisting managed IT services to preserve their files and data. The goal is to utilize security controls that IT professionals can change instantly, as well as analysis tools that can help search and identify file sharing problems, to avoid future unauthorized file sharing and information disclosure.

3. Security Threats

Increasing security warnings are what triggers an IT race to determine and implement newer and reliable security measures. For example, if a firm begins using a service like Vuze, the integrity of using such file sharing may assist some corrupt employees, or even some ex-employees to take the support of that ease. That, in turn, will demand IT departments to improve and regularly adjust network security.

The explosion of third-party apps poses its own distinct set of problems, notably as more businesses start utilizing them. Security professionals will require continuing to fight against Trojan horse problems and smarter malware generated by hackers who will use new and unexpected techniques to up the IT security level.

4. Faster and Simpler Authentication

One significant benefit from increased file sharing is that authentication will become quicker and more straightforward. If users have to insert a pin number for every app they require to access, they’re either going to be hesitant to use them or sooner or later; they’re going to forget their login pins, increasing the load on IT Professionals. The need to decrease the drain on IT resources will push companies to adopt behind-the-scene authentication technologies, like biometrics and other more automated forms of authentication that are seamless and less problematic.

5. Increase in Compliance of Regulation Changes

When you enhance access to data, you naturally increase the need for compliance – especially when financial or legal documents are involved. As compliance regulations change, companies will need to focus more on the secure transmissions of all documents, which means more reporting will be necessary to comply with new and updated rules and laws, especially in highly regulated businesses such as government, medical, and financial. Comprehensive auditing and review will be necessary as the laws regarding file transmission and sharing grow to meet the needs of increased security and privacy ideas.


As file sharing advances to change and evolve, so will the security measures required to protect our data, as well as our devices. The question is, who will be the winner, IT security and file users, or the file pirates and illegal hackers?

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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