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Printer Buying Guide and Tips

Printer Buying Guide and Tips

Choosing a printer can be difficult as there are many features. Most printers have a combination of these features. See what questions you should

Which category of printer you need?

Compare your needs with these categories and will be closer to the appropriate printer.

Most printers are general-purpose means that are used to print text, graphics and images. The printers include special purpose portable printers, photo printers and label material. If for example you are looking for a printer to print photos, consider whether you want to print only photos or if you want a printer that can print and other formats.

The general-purpose printers tend to focus their attention on images whether it be for home use and text if it is for office use. In an office or home can be used and the MFP. However, generally try to separate the functions (for printing and scanner scans).

The two main categories in relation to the technology is the technology of laser technology and Inkjet . The most basic difference between these categories is that printers laser print high quality text and printers Inkjet printing high quality photos. Think if you want better quality in text or photos.

Printer Buying Guide

Need simple printer or MFP?

Think if you only want a printer for documents or for something more. For photos, for example, an additional feature is to have enough memory to store photos for you to move the printer anywhere.

For a general purpose printer, a good option is the All – in – one . A machine with scanning capabilities, copying and faxing. Sometimes printers add an office and an automatic sheet feeder to be scanned and sent by fax more than one page.

Need color?

For home printer, but you need a color office printer might need to print only text so there is no reason to buy a color printer. If you want good quality images, select inkjet printing while if a large number of pages, select laser printer.

Who printer fits in your space?

Make sure you know the size of the printer. While some printers are great and the space is small, we have a problem.

How to connect?

Besides ports USB , most printers now have office door and Ethernet . Some printers have wireless connection so you can send prints directly from your mobile device (laptop, mobile).

What print quality you want?

Printers are available in several grades. Check the print quality for text, image and graphics. The index print quality depends on you.

What speed do you want?

If you usually print a couple of pages, you do not need fast printer. If you print a lot of documents and large, speed is important. So may need a printer laser . As a rule, the laser printers proposed for high-speed and large documents.

How many prints do every day?

If printing a few pages every day, you need not worry about the printing capabilities of your printer. But if you have a large number of prints, you should look for a printer with high monthly return.

How much does it cost?

Make sure you meet the cost of the printer. Some manufacturers have the printing cost per page and some photo printing costs. To get the true cost of a printer, you should check and the purchase cost of consumables.

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