The Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB is Available Only 23GB of Storage

Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB

The new model Microsoft 64GB Surface Pro, which will appear 9/2/2013 essentially provides only 1/3 of storage space advertising. It is common for most tablets have less available storage space than advertised. But Surface Pro is excessive.

Microsoft has confirmed that the 64GB model will be available only 23GB of storage space which represents only 36% of the total space. The rest of the storage space occupied by the full version Windows 8 Pro and some applications are installed outset. Also, a significant portion of the storage space occupied by the recovery partition (close to 5GB). The model provides the 128GB 83GB available storage space.

Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB

This is not the first time highlighted the Surface tablets for the available storage space. When it first appeared in October, the available storage space for the user was close to 50% (16 GB from 32GB) while the 64GB model repository that was accessible to the user was close to 70%. According to these data, Microsoft provides less storage space on the disk.

To remind you that the Apple iPad, the iOS operating occupies just the 4GB total of 16GB leaving 75% available storage space. Finally, the model with 128GB operating system occupies only 3% of the storage space.

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