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Outdoor Projector Setup Ideas

Do you wanna hang out with friends? Or Want to have a party outside? Therefore projectors are the life of a party nowadays. We love to watch movies or our own made stories on a big screen at the outdoor party. Don’t overthink how to set up the projector outdoor. It’s a very simple and less time-consuming process. Let’s jump in the procedure of outdoor projector setup ideas, There I would mention what you need and how to arrange them.

Outdoor Projector Setup Ideas

Outdoor projector setup requirements


If you wanna host a movie outside or at the backyard, you have to keep in mind that none projectors have been invented yet that can beat the sunlight. So it surely can be told that you will not use a projector at the time of noon and direct in sunlight. Don’t be hopeless. We have another idea for you.

Just select a projector of a minimum of 2500 lumen and wait till the sunset. Either you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the realistic feeling of the projector. I have experimented on projectors lumen and have found that 3000 – 4000 lumens projectors are the better to create sharp images.

Then you have to keep in mind that you would need a 4k projector to party outside. As the environment between indoor and outdoor is so much different. At outdoor an HD projector is enough to produce satisfactory images. The Projector Verge will help you to find out the most suitable projector for you.

Check the input methods

Before setting up a projector outdoor you must check the input methods of the projector whether it matches your auxiliary devices. Because projectors are supplied with different kinds of input ports like HDMI port and VGA port. If it doesn’t match you will require an extra adaptor to make a secure connection.

Positioning the projector

The positioning of the projector is so much important because it will fix the image size. Firstly make confirm which sizes of images do you want. Once it is confirmed please read the projector’s manual and identify its throwing distance. You will find it an easy calculation. Either you may use mobile apps to identify nowadays.

Projector screen

At indoor you may manage the wall as a screen but at outdoor a projector screen is mandatory equipment. And it is an available product. You will find various sizes of the outdoor screen it the market. You will found around 57” to 200” projector screens. Just choose one of them and place it withstand at your outdoor party place. A well quality screen will ensure you a better image.

Therefore the experts analyze the market and found some most popular projector screens of the market. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • JWSIT Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand, Its setup time is 10 minutes and provided with two aluminum stand.
  • Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand, Setup time is 5 minutes and weight is 7 pounds. It’s also provided with aluminum stands.
  • JaeilPLM 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen, setup time is 10 to 15 minutes. Weight 13 pounds and provided with aluminum stands.

Preparing the sound system

After setting up a projector and sound system, now it is time to set up a sound system. If you don’t have an outdoor sound system don’t be worried. It’s not a big problem. You may invest in some portable speakers. Just connect the sound system with your auxiliary device. You may find a 3.5mm port. Just plug in the speakers input pin there.

Check your connections

It’s an easy and simple step. Just check all the connections between your auxiliary device and projectors and connections with speakers. Make sure that the power adapter is plugged in at a safe zone. Where it will be free from all the disturbance. And check the screen either it is placed correctly on a flat surface or rough. The screen should be placed on a flat surface. Now you are ready to stream.

Little things to remember

Make a proper arrangement of your sitting positions. And if you are living in a populated area, then you have to ensure that the sound wouldn’t make any disturbance to your neighbors. And as you are projecting outdoor you may select social contents to play. As your neighbors may have a glimpse on your screen. Be polite to them and Make the electric connections secured enough. Neither a small accident may destroy the joy of your party or program. If you don’t find any auxiliary device like TV, laptop, or Blu-ray player you might use a Smart Tv box or online streamer at your budget range and they are frequently been used nowadays. You may also add any kind of decoration or color lights to make your party more attractive and enjoyable. Best of luck.

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