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Meet EPA’s RRP with XRF Lead Testing when inspecting your Home

A number of household go for lead based paint inspection during renovations to know about the basic content used in their house paint. The goal of the lead-based paint inspection was to make the renovation company aware of the distribution of lead in the home. It is important meet the requisitions set by the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule and guidelines of the United States Department of Housing and Urban and Development. The rules are applicable to houses and all facilities with kids or elderly people. XRF Lead Testing is an effective way to inspect houses deeply and thoroughly in order to ensure that the guidelines have been met.

EPA’s RRP with XRF Lead Testing

For a perfect inspection of the house, it should be done by licensed EPA lead inspector in an industry recognized sampling method. The EPA’s RRP requires that workers who are possibly touch the lead-based paint during home remodeling should be expert and trained to use lead-safe work practices. The rule also requires proper renovation, repair and painting companies to be EPA accredited.

According to EPA it is necessary because a home or apartment constructed before 1978 could spared lead based paint dust all through the house while being renovated, even if the workers are doing a small task. Lead exposure can cause hazardous effect on:

Kids: It can lead to lower intelligence, learning problems and behavioral issues.

Pregnant women: It can harm the developing fetus.

Adults: It can negatively impact their nervous system, kidney and cause health issues like high blood pressure or fertility issues.

XRF Lead Testing

An XRF device was used to collect readings of lead of the external and internal painted surface of a house. It makes use radioactive waves to find and know much lead is present in the paint. The technicians are well-trained to use the device cautiously and avoid radiation exposure. XRF lead testing is a preferable method to test lead because the device offers convenient results and doesn’t disturb the painted surface of the house while testing.

XRF Lead Testing Results

A 1.0mg per square cm or above XRF lead testing reading is considered positive for the presence of lead based paint as per the EPA guidelines. Lead based paint above 1.0 mg per square centimeter have been discovered in several exterior and interior of houses.

Suggestions for Home Renovation Firms

There are several recommendations for home renovation companies to keep in mind:

  • While the firm commences renovation of the house, workers should keep in mind that in case they encounter materials which weren’t present at the time of inspection, then those materials should be presumed to include lead till the testing is done.
  • Paint walls or components which tested positive for lead containing paint may lead to lead dust or lead contaminated soil issues if the paint is turned to dust while sanding, scraping or abrasion.
  • The firm should give the report to contractor who will perform renovation in the house so that they are well-informed about the possible hazards involved.
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