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Learn About A Popular Marketing Service- Bulk SMS

Bulk sms has become a great marketing technique nowadays. This is due to evolution of application-to-person services which are one of a type of messaging services. It also includes interactive messaging, incoming number services such as voting or information lines, mobile marketing campaigns and single messages services. The bulk SMS messaging has allowed business and organizations to use more than one solution to get or send messages.  They do it with a software programmes, website system, mobile based application or a web interface. They are interfaced with the service providers who ensure that messages can be delivered effectively to almost anywhere in the world.

Learn About A Popular Marketing Service- Bulk SMS

Service providers make use of SMS gateway that works as a relay and distribute the SMS traffic to different recipients.  However, before reaching to the recipients the messages reach to a short message service centre.

Today, the needs of business are well identified to connect to their customers thus they make use of bulk SMS. Moreover, it provides an effective solution by reducing the costs of communication. Large scale business, community groups, small enterprises and even educational institutions are making use of these services to manage their communication with large contact groups.

What bulk SMS do to your business?

Learn About A Popular Marketing Service- Bulk SMS

Customer communication gets improved with such marketing services. Why and how? Firstly, it is cost effective and fast so every business can afford it. Secondly, it allows them to build a meaningful communication to their customers where the conversation is completely permission based.

Here, the businesses can send messages or SMS of all sizes to their customers. They can establish communication to large communities at once. The serves can become a perfect business pitch to the users who smartly use it. They can also get scalable results and build an effective customer relationship. It also eliminates the need of complex purchase process and assists the first time entrepreneurs. Moreover, the business can get their targeted exposure using the endless opportunities it gives them. It also allows them to connect to their both national and international customers. Thus, it is a best solution to reach a large audience whether locally or globally.

Bulk SMS is commonly used for:

  • Reminders
  • Alerts
  • Safety checks
  • Product information
  • Entertainment
  • Sending notifications
  • Mass SMS advertising
  • News
  • SMS newsletters and more….

How to utilize bulk SMS services?

Learn About A Popular Marketing Service- Bulk SMS


Text messaging services may have gone old but for business it is still a popular revenue generation service. To make you most out of this popular service, here are few ways that we have listed. Check it out now!

  • Marketing texts– most business use bulk sms for marketing texts where they inform their customer about any new product they have launched. They texts something special that attracts their customer to purchase their product or to visit their website again. This is one effective way to make them purchase and contact them easily.
  • Notifications– sending notifications are the best way to inform your customers about their low credit, timely delivery of services and more. This is an automated service which allows you to set up notification at small running costs and ensure additional savings.
  • Reminders- you can remind your customers about the regular activities carried at a set date or time. This ensures that they don’t forget those important activities. This also ensure the continuous revenue generation for such business such as lending institutions, insurance companies and more.
  • Vouchers and loyalty programmes
    Learn About A Popular Marketing Service- Bulk SMS

Customer loyalty is a key for every business and vouchers and loyalty programmes can make them a brand advocate for life time. Send vouchers to them earn their loyalty.

  • Appointments- business that deal with customer’s appointments know how a miss appointment can cost them. Once missed the slot is empty for long and it is hard to fill that slot for the lost revenue. This is so true for advance booking. Customers forget about them but make sure that they don’t so send them appointments alerts via SMS and ask for reschedule as well.
  • Security authorisation– security checks such as verification can reduce the risk of potential threats. SMS can ensure for the secure authorisation of the customers to prevent any fraud.
  • Debt collection– company that are hired for debt collection can use this low cost option and inform their customers about the duly payment of debt. The email reminders are not as worthy as SMS as it ensures direct connection to the customers. Moreover, they can encourage the customers for payment by sending a direct link for payment.
  • Enquiry handling– SMS also allow customers to post any query and seek for quick resolution. This ensures a quick and hassle free communication between business and customers.

Benefits of bulk SMS

Learn About A Popular Marketing Service- Bulk SMS

Some of the benefits of this business SMS solution are as follows:

  • Rapid deployment– the fast and quick deployment of service let the user instantly sends mass SMS messages to their target. This also ensures highest rate of readability.
  • A targeted message– in terms of reaching to large customers or wide demographic few marketing solutions is simply a waste. Bulk SMS however reach to wide demographic with a surety of reaching to targeted audience with a readability of 98%.
  • Easy creation and delivery- messages can be easily composed and send to multiple recipients in no time with the use of software.
  • Fewer barriers– social media has a facility of filter which miss out such notifications and reminders. However, in bulk SMS the messages will not get filtered and reach directly to the intended person.
  • Low cost- other marketing techniques are costly such as TV advertising, printing and more. This service cost as low as few cents and ensure effectively delivery as well. Moreover, it also ensures high ROI. Even a small enterprise can use such services with a small budget.

Personalisation is again an added advantage to the users where they can target specific audience within a demographic. So, all the business out there that is still not using this service should get it as soon as possible. Don’t miss out these advantages as surely you don’t want to stay behind in competition.

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