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New Released Watches You Need To Check Out In 2021

New Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41

New Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is the entry level timepiece in the Swiss watchmaker’s catalogue. The watch is basic yet really gorgeous. In essence, it is the clean-cut nature of the Oyster that makes it so appealing.
The all-new Oyster is available in a 41 mm case size which is a first for the watch. The earlier 39 mm case size is discontinued too. Watch enthusiasts had been waiting for this for a long time and finally, Rolex has listened to them.

New Omega Seamaster diver 300M Nekton Edition

The all-new Omega Seamaster Nekton Edition is a special edition made in collaboration with the Nekton Foundation, a not for profit organization that has pledged to clean the world’s oceans. The Seamaster is classical in design and very fundamental in its approach. It seems that Omega did everything it could to make this watch not fancy at all. The watch stays true to its roots and retains the high level of functionality that Seamasters are usually known for. What really impresses about the watch is the fact that it is launched with a great cause in mind.

New Rolex Submariner 41

The Rolex Submariner is a watch does not need any kind of introduction but just for the sake of this blog, let’s add one. The Submariner is one of Rolex’s most popular creations. It was the first timepiece to offer a water resistance of about 100 meters. Of course, at that time it was not a ‘timepiece’. In fact, back then it was a proper tool watch that was made to serve a purpose and that was to withstand immense water pressure. TAG Heuer brand also shares specially in men’s watches.

The Submariner was available in a case size of 40 mm but this year Rolex decided to release it in a 41 mm case size. This is, of course, a welcome change.

New Audemars Piguet code 11.59

The Audemars Piguet name itself is enough to induce a massive dose of excitement among watch enthusiasts. The timepiece has been already seen by watch buyers all over the world as it was originally launched in 2019. But the 2020 edition brings in a new breeze of freshness and ‘funk’ in order to spice things up.

The collection has seen the introduction of all-new dial colors, something that Audemars Piguet is not usually known for. The watches are just as classy as they were the previous year but with a little bit of extra attitude.

New Panerai Luminor Marina Fibratech 44MM

The All-new Panerai Luminor Marina Fibratech is a 44 mm wide watch that just perfectly encapsulates the essence of the brand as well as the Luminor collection. The watch is made from an unorthodox material called Fibratech which is basically procured from volcanic basalt fibres. The material is groundbreaking in the sense that this is the first time that it is being used in a watch. the timepiece is suave and adds in a healthy dose of class too.

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