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Is gaming laptop really worth it?

Are you desired to purchase an expensive gaming laptop?

You have accumulated the budget after months and months of savings.

Now, when the time comes of actual shopping, you are confused — confused about what?

You read some Facebook posts of some avid gamers which made you confused about whether should you put this much of money into something which is “useless” (as per some experts)? And specially if you are planning to get better at gaming with new PC, you would want to have the best.

A few years back, the same issue was taking me down, the ambiguity; the confusion about purchasing a gaming laptop or gaming desktop was making me sick.

Finally, after scouring the internet, I found something valuable.

Are gaming laptops really worth it?

Sometimes the over-douse of marketing raise suspicion about a product; the same happened with the gaming laptops.

Some brands advertise their gaming laptops in a way that the audience confused whether are they gaming machines or a rocket? You have to do in-depth research on internet before buying a good gaming laptop. For this purpose, you need the best internet connection which you can get from Local Cable Deals.

Let’s see some genuine advantages and disadvantages of gaming laptops, check if you are after these.


This is one of the significant benefits of having a laptop over a desktop. The feature is not confined to gaming though; the casual users also prefer the laptop as they offer portability. But, we are discussing gamers and why would gamers switch to gaming laptops over desktops.

If you are addicted to gaming, or a serious gamer battling it out in tournaments, you just cannot go out and do other day-to-day tasks. You just cannot lug around your desktop everywhere you go and would miss out some significant rounds.

Here the gaming laptops come into the play; they are thinner, portable, easy to carry around, and are featured robust specifications. With them, you can carry out your practical gaming everywhere without giving a second thought. Even the heaviest laptop offers this feature, and you can lay your hands on it to continue your gaming.

The desktops of-course cannot be carried around. You cannot have them on campus, or while traveling.


Yes, one of the most undeniable features of a gaming desktop over gaming laptop is its customizability.

There is no end of how much you customize your gaming desktop. You can add the desired range of specifications without any issue. All desktop specifications such as RAM, Storages are designed and engineered in a way that can be used in another desktop. Though it requires a fair bit of knowledge and understanding, and avid gamers know the hardware basis and would do it without any hiccup.

Just remove, replace, and tweak any part of the computer that suits your preferences. This is a feature one must take into account when choosing which one to go with.

On the flip side, a gaming laptop is entirely a different thing. Here every brand design and engineer their machines differently than others. They are meant to be compact that’s why the components are made to fit inside the layout. There would be no space for you to have something extended. Like, if you want to add a larger graphics card, this would definitely be a problem for you.

This is the biggest disadvantage of having a gaming laptop, and with each release of new video games, the gamers extend they already have a specification to meet the criteria of that game. This cannot be done in a gaming laptop, thus you would not be able to play that latest released.

Performance in gaming:

This is where the desktop computers Legg behind laptops. It is often quoted that “Even the best powerful gaming laptops are only like a downside version of a gaming computer”.

You need to understand that laptops have a mobile version of processors of desktops processors. Their parts are confined to have limited space within the body. They cannot outperform computers or desktop which are featured with bigger and powerful processor compared to the laptops.

The gaming laptops house the mobile versions of GPU and CPU, and they cannot be compared with the desktop counterparts.

A GTX 980M is never going to outperform GTX 980; the former slows down due to overheating issue.

Now, the question is, why cannot the manufacturers design the powerful processor in tiny shape? The technology has reached the level that we can have a tiny processor with robust performance?

Yes, they can..!

What about the heat issue and thermal throttling?

In computers, they have more space for air-flow.

Air can pass through the vital organs leading to lower down the thermal throttling, in laptops due to compactness the heat remains inside the body, resulting melting down the processors. Internal heat is one of the biggest issues in gaming laptops. Though some brands have come up with a cooling system to lower the temperature down, it is insufficient and cannot eradicate the issue altogether.


The screen display is a major count in gaming devices. Without a good-sized and vibrant screen, you cannot get immerse into the parallel universe and feel as connected as you can.

The gaming desktops, here as well, have a leading advantage.

Though the gaming laptops also feature 15-17 inches screen, with FHD screen and 60 Hz refresh rates. But what about having a stunning view on a desktop without missing out any color? Would you love to have a 17-inch laptop just because it comes into your bag easily, and you can have it around? Or you would love to go otherwise?

Although you can connect your gaming laptop to an external monitor to take your gaming experience to the next level, it would be a lot easier to assemble a top-notch gaming system with powerful monitor.


Most laptops even those which are meant for gaming come with membrane keys. The membrane keys are not going to withstand the workload and pressure of multiplayer games. Ideally, you will have to have a mechanical keyboard, which comes with detachable keys. These keys can be replaced individually if a key stops working, you can have it changed in a moment.

If you are desired to get a gaming laptop, and want to continue gaming on the go, plan to have a mechanical keyboard, it will add life into your gaming overall process.


There is a different side to look at pricing. Like, you need to see what you can purchase in fix budget.

If you have $1000 you cannot fetch out a good gaming laptop. While at the same price, you can set up a top-notch gaming system from scratch. On average, gaming laptop costs twice than a gaming computer and would not render the same performance.

In a gaming laptop, you will have to put extra money into having an external 4k monitor, mechanical keyboard and mouse. While these sorts of stuff come with a gaming PC, and the cost is covered under the whole set up.

I would say, the avid gamers take it pride in mentioning a custom-made gaming system than a gaming laptop. You know the value of upgrading your system as per your need; you cannot have this with a gaming laptop.


In the end, it is about your personal preferences, requirements, and needs.

As I have mentioned above, with a desktop you cannot lug them around all the time for gaming. If you are a frequent traveler and love to spend time playing video games on the way, you should buy a gaming laptop.

For an avid gamer, who stays at home while playing the games, having a desktop computer would be a wise decision.

In a nutshell, a gaming laptop cannot stand before a gaming desktop when it comes to power and performance.

But, when it comes to portability, ease of carrying, gaming laptops are way ahead than gaming desktops. The recent trends of purchasing gaming laptops have made the brands to join heads and think about further innovation in gaming laptops.

Down the line, we are beholding same of the latest gaming laptops featuring cutting-edge cooling system which helps them to maintain the internal temperature to optimum level.

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