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How To Build A Right Gaming Rig Of Your Dreams?

Planning on building a gaming rig of your own? I know it is very exciting for an enthusiast gamer. I can still remember the first time I build my gaming rig. If you are new and want some help? Then you are in the right place. One of the things that is a big issue is the budget. If you have decided your budget then it is the time to find the right component in your budget. The first tip is to designate the purpose of your build like is it just a gaming rig or you also want to do some content creation. The next step is to make a build that is prepared for future game titles. For buying the latest hardware for your build, you can visit LNR Gaming Hardware Shop. Or if you want a pre-built model, you can get the best gaming PC under 1500 as well.


Right Gaming Rig of Your Dreams

When it comes to building a gaming pc the things can go tricky. After all, you need a complete package that can beat a game at top speed without low fps and lagging. Recent, cryptocurrency mining trend has affected the GPU prices but they are now going back to normal. Recently, Nvidia announced RTX series that will be perfect for your build. Moreover, it is the perfect time to invest in a pc that is ready to tackle new game titles. Moreover, you need to make sure that your build can handle new technologies such as VR, 4k and stream video games.


The first thing that you need to care about is choosing the right CPU. It is the main component that pulls the entire rig together. When it comes to CPU, there are several options available as AMD and Intel bother offers a wide range of CPU at a decent price level. Intel is more famous for making the best processors for the gamers. That is why; it is the first choice for all the gamers. However, you can choose either one as both perform well for gaming.

AMD is also good in manufacturing good CPU. These companies are competing with each other for the last few years. AMD CPU is very good with multi-tasking but not very good with gaming compared to intel. I have some hopes with new Ryzen series processor.


Choosing a motherboard for your build is a critical step. All of the components such as CPU, Ram, GPU, and storage are going to be connected to the motherboard. Most of the gamers like to push the limits, hence it should be reliable in all matters. Moreover, you need a board that supports all the hardware you want in your build. Moreover, it is not very expensive hardware to buy. There are lots of options to choose at every price level.

You should make sure that it has all the PCIe slots, adequate memory slots, and SATA ports according to your desire. Most of the famous motherboard manufacturers are ASUS, MSI, and GIGABYTE. Every board partner has a specific high-end gaming motherboard series for enthusiast gamers.


How can a gamer run a game without a decent graphics card? It is the main part that makes your build a gaming build. It all depends on your gaming needs that which will suit you. Newly released Nvidia RTX series has multiple variants that you can choose according to your budget and requirements. AMD also has decent GPU but they are not able to complete for the high-end RTX 2080, and 2080 GPU. So, Nvidia will be the best choice.

AMD is also making a good graphics card. Recently, they have announced a New graphic card series that also supports Ray-tracing. These cards are not a bad option for budget gamers. But if you want to run your games at 4k then Nvidia can do this better.


If you are going to make a gaming build then you cannot do this with solid memory performance. It is one of the components that give your computer the speed to win. Anyhow, the features of a memory solely depend on your gaming needs. Many options are depending on what kind of gamer you are. So, pick a DRAM that suits your gaming aesthetic, needs and style. The simple DRAM is cheaper but they are not designed for gaming purposes.

Invest in an SSD

So, you have bought a fast processor, dram, motherboard, and graphics card. It is time for you to choose storage. Storage is where your operating system and games are going to be stored. There are plenty of options such as Mechanical Hard-drive, SSD and NVMe. The mechanical hard drive is the most common options but they are not very fast today. Their performance is not very good and can slow down your pc. You will face issues like slow loading of games and slow boot-up of your system.

That is why; I recommend the gamers to buy an SSD. It is a substantial upgrade for your system to get most out of your pc. To make a really fast gaming machine, you should invest in SDD. It will reduce the load times. You can also buy a Hard drive for storage but keep your operating system and games in the SSD.

A Case for Your Build

All of the above components are going to be fit in the case you choose. There are many sizes and styles of cases available on the market. It all depends on your needs that what case suits your best. For example, a mini ATX case is mainly used by the media center. However, if you want to install a heavy supply and a big graphics card, you need a big case. All of your components must fit in the case. You can choose a simple one, but if you building your rig it should reflect who you are? It all depends on your requirements for example if you mostly move your pc then buy a case with handle. But if the game at 4k then buys a case with expansive hard drive bay and RGB lights. Read more about LNR Gaming Hardware Shop.

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