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What To Know Before You Buy A Gaming Laptop

Know Before You Buy A Gaming Laptop

When gaming laptops initially started showing up to replace our traditional desktop gaming computers, we were quick to accept anything that came our way as long as it offered us portability, mobility, flexibility and more advanced functionality. But with the high end components exhibited in the best gaming laptops being produced recently, it has become imperative for us to consider some vital factor before making choice of the gaming laptops to buy. Before anything at all, a proper consideration of the following factors will help you to ensure that you are about purchasing one of the best gaming laptops this decade has to offer.


The graphics card or GPU is the brain behind high quality image rendering in gaming laptops. It takes graphical load off the CPU to ensure that CPU’s function is optimized in non-graphics related code processing. The capability of the Graphics card will determine your gaming experience, you dare not joke with it. Many of the gaming laptops come with NVidia or AMD Graphics card. If what you need is just a bit above low end gaming graphics, then the NVidia GeForce GTX 940 MX, GTX 950M, GTX 970M and 980M can be cool for you. But high end games such as Battlefield 1 will be well rendered on GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1060. Meanwhile, the best gaming laptops are equipped with GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. These graphics card are capable of running Virtual Reality based games in a superb manner. The GTX 1080 offers enhanced textures, smooth performance and large view distance.

Display Quality

This is another crucial factor to consider before buying a laptop. Of what use is the best gaming GPU if your screen cannot cope with its power? You therefore need to ensure that the display is efficient. The screen of the best gaming laptops utilize IPS panels to deliver high viewing angles and a finish matte texture. These features help to prevent screen darkening from certain angles and to also prevent reflection.

Storage Capacity, CPU and RAM

These three components form the core foundation upon which the functionality of your gaming laptop is laid. The current day best gaming laptops are facilitated with processors ranging from Intelcore i7 to core i9. These processors allow multiple gaming operations to run smoothly without lag and also contribute to durable battery life. You are well covered if your gaming laptop comes with RAM ranging from 8GB to 32GB. The RAM serves as backup for graphics card. Most of the best gaming laptops come with 7200rpm Solid State Drive ranging in storage capacity from 256GB to 512GB. Any of these options will offer you a pleasurable gaming experience.

Battery Capacity

Of course the battery capacity is an important factor to consider in your gaming laptop. Although, battery consumption varies with screen brightness, charge cycle, power plan and GPU. Getting a gaming laptop that will offer you a reasonable length of gaming time while out of your home is something you don’t want to miss.

In conclusion, it has been clearly seen that the pleasure derivable from gaming laptops depend on a number of factors which we can’t afford to take for granted. In order to get one of the best gaming laptops, we have to ensure a smooth blend of these key features that we have discussed.

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