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How the Gaming Industry Evolved due to Tech Enhancements

We all played Super Mario Brothers or Pac-Man, but the gaming sector has shifted to a different world now. With great advancements in the gaming sector along with the support of the Internet, a lot has changed. Earlier, people used to play physical cards, which has now changed to playing online Gclub Casino. The earlier pixilated games are now packed with heavy and realistic-looking graphics. Here are some advancements in the sector that technology has brought.

Gaming Industry Evolved due to Tech Enhancements


First, gaming was only restricted to consoles and PCs. Now, with the help of technology, it has now arrived on smartphones as well. Most of the mobiles nowadays are being launched as a standalone gaming device. This means that the sole purpose of these handsets is to serve as a gaming device. In addition to this, most of the popular games are free of cost. To add more to this, the price of any smartphone to employ as a gaming device is affordable to a common man. With huge battery support, a great display, speedy processors, and affordable price, mobile has proved to be a boon for the gaming industry.


Unlike the early era of the 90s (where you need to buy a CD or a DVD to install the games on a PC to play it) games in this era now majorly operate on the Internet. This means that these titles can be streamed online. This results in two things: First, you can save the memory on your gaming device. And second, you can also save the cost of buying the CD. All you need is a good Internet connection. And since a majority of the games are free of cost these days (apart from in-app purchases), it is affordable for the users to stream online games rather than to purchase it.

AI, AR, and VR

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), the world saw a different side of each and everything. And this comprises of the gaming segment as well. With the inclusion of AI along with the help of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the gaming industry has reached the next level. It is now possible to play games with the feeling of actually being in the game. AR and VR are claimed to be the future of the gaming industry. And this is just the beginning. The inclusion of AR and VR in games is in the primary phase. Hence, the gaming industry has much more under its sleeves to reveal to the users.


With every aspect of the games being increased to the max, how can you forget the graphics? The graphics these days in games seems to be on steroids. The life-like graphics are sufficient to trick any user to think that the game consists of actual people. Hats off to the designer and hats off to the tech as well.

Having said this, one thing is as crystal clear as holy water that the gaming industry is surely going to boom in the future due to the advancements in the technology.

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