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Scheduling Software – Everything You Should Know

Managers with teams of four to managers with teams of 50 usually all say the same thing, rostering and scheduling staff is tough. It is one of those tasks that can take a lot of time, rework and cause real tension. Staff often don’t want to compromise and managers often need compromise. That makes for a tough task. A great way to ease this burden is through a software solution. Below you will find everything you should know about scheduling software.

Manual to automatic

Scheduling software is a great way to not only tackle a manual task with a digital solution but introduce a little automation along the way. Scheduling software is a great tool to help create more efficiency in your workplace, but it is also capable of learning on the go, which makes automation possible. Deputy has a scheduling software solution that allows specific data points to be entered which allow the software to find the best employee for any given shift or time slot. Unbiased and absolutely automated. This type of solution can be particularly useful in a high volume workplace where employee availability or preferences differ greatly.

Improve experience

Tracking paper timesheets to ensure the pay run can be completed on time can be incredibly frustrating. Scheduling software is a great way to eliminate this kind of manual or human error. Good scheduling software allows managers and employees to clock in and out from their own device, which means trying to remember arrival or departure times is no longer your issue. If you haven’t yet embraced the idea of a device-using workplace – you may want to think again. This kind of software solution is helping create a seamless experience at work for both employees and managers. It also means that, if an employee is required to travel for work, you can clearly track their hours.

Tracking and visibility

As a manager, if you have ever questioned the arrival, departure or break times of your employees, then scheduling software is a must-have. Software solutions on the market allow managers to more accurately track and view their employee’s productivity and attendance. Through the use of devices, employees can clock in and out when they arrive, leave or go on break. This alone won’t improve the challenge of clocking in or out at times when they may not be there. Geo-location capabilities, however, change this entire process for the better.

Deeper analytics from this functionality allows managers to see those employees who clock in when they may be on their way to work as opposed to being at work. Additionally, it gives visibility of employees who clock back in over lunch, despite still being at the café. It’s not a thought we like to dwell on too much, but there can be some deception and inaccuracy in all workplaces. Scheduling software makes it possible to track employees and ensure you are getting the most out of their day.

Open communication

Managers of large teams can struggle to disseminate key communications across an entire team, especially those working outside traditional business hours. Scheduling software is a great solution to this problem. Good systems will allow you to establish communication boards or notifications within the platform. Whether you need to share a safety alert, upcoming availability or busy periods, scheduling software can help ensure all employees access the necessary information. This type of software solution can really change the way employees consume important notifications or alerts. It also allows for a greater two-way flow of information, with employees being able to communicate with management and each other.

Scheduling software is a fantastic way to improve not only a manager’s role but the employees as well. From greater access, a better experience to improved lines of communication, scheduling software is a critical tool for any business to implement.

Brian Flores
Brian Flores
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