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Tips And Tricks To Repair Your Broken Hard Drive

Have you broken your hard drive? Well! Failure of a hard drive is an inevitable thing. No matter it is your fault or due to the aging of the drive, your important data will be lost. Now, you must be thinking of fixing it or maybe want to recover the data. A computer drive contains your precious photo, video, and important financial data. Simply, it contains essential things in your life.

Tips And Tricks To Repair Your Broken Hard Drive

Anyhow, hard drive failure does not mean that you cannot get your lost data back. It is possible to recover data contents from it. But it depends on your luck a bit of effort. Well! hard drive repair is like a pain in the ass. The process can take hours and very costly. It depends on the condition of the drive that how much time it may take. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks for recovery.

Important Signs That Your Hard Drive is Failing

A hard drive is just like your vehicle, you should know how it sounds, looks and performs. You should keep an eye on it daily. The best way to protect your data from being lost is to make regular backups of your hard drive. Normally, when a hard drive starts to fail, it makes a clicking sound that is an indicator that there is an issue with the read-write arm. Other reasons can be the bearings and the motor, so take a good listen to guess what is wrong.

When it comes to the performance, a failing drive performance usually drops. You may notice certain freeze and corrupt files that is a sign of failing. Moreover, a failing drive may take more time to copy or move files from one folder to another folder. Some of the newbies think that hard drive repair can be possible as like other components. Well! In some cases, it can be repaired but mostly it is irreparable. Remember to not expose the inner components of the drive as it can damage the surface.

How to Troubleshoot Drive?

Following are the steps to troubleshoot

Disk-Diagnostic Tools

Most of the manufacturers of the drive offer diagnostic tools such as Western Digital, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and Hitachi. These tools are all better than the OS diagnostic tool. Just open the website of the manufacturer and download the latest version.

Spyware or Malware

There may be a chance that your computer is behaving abnormally due to spyware or adware. So, scan your computer with anti-virus software. Make sure that the virus is removed completely and then check the performance of the computer.


Windows OS has a built-in defragging and optimizing tools which can boost the performance. Windows users have to do it manually while the latest Max OS X automatically carry out this process.

Check Physical Connections

The last thing, you can check is that your hard drive is properly connected to the right component. It is not necessary but an easy task.

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