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Instagram Stories vs. Posts

The popularity of Instagram is on the rise, and all the businesses are looking towards this platform to enhance their presence among the followers. With time, the Instagram algorithm has been changing, and it is offering different ways to publicize the content.

Due to the fluctuating nature of Instagram strategy, it is becoming more challenging for the people to choose from many options.

With the drastic rise of Instagram stories, Instagram feeds, and Instagram Downloader, users find it difficult sometimes to choose between Instagram feed posts and Instagram stories. They are unable to differentiate between the posts that are relevant to the feed and the posts that are suitable for the stories.

Although both the options are equally beneficial and your engagement will undoubtedly increase, however, specifying some things for the stories and some for the feed will help you to manage your content more precisely.

To inform you about all the main differences between Instagram feed posts and stories, I have done thorough research. I hope that after reading the differences, you will be in a better position to articulate your ideas. Your decision-making process will be eased, and your followers will also start enjoying the relevant content.

Let’s dive in.

Instagram Feed

It is the main page of your profile where you share all the videos and photos. People who are following you can see and interact with your content through your feed.

You can post the related stuff by including hashtags in your feed. Hashtags are conducive if you want to optimize your page for the search engines. Your Instagram feed will serve as a face for your business. Newcomers will have the idea of the main essence of your brand by having a cursory look at your profile.

Here are some primary characteristics of the Instagram feed:

1. Permanent Posts

Unlike Instagram stories, the content you post on your feed will never disappear until you do it by yourself. It means that you should be posting on Instagram feed after great care and thorough contemplation.

2. More Reach

While Instagram stories are useful for getting more engagement, Instagram feed posts are conducive for more reach. New visitors will have more opportunities for discovering new things about your brand.

3. Sound is off

While scrolling through the Instagram feed, users prefer to mute the sound of the videos. It is because they do not want to get disturbed by the music of the videos.

4. Official Brand

Your feed is the primary face of your brand. You should be embellishing it with relevant photos and videos. Your content will have a permanent place on your profile, and visitors can engage with it any time.

Instagram Stories

When a user is logged in, Instagram, stories appear at the top of the app. They are basically vertical photos or videos that appear for 15 seconds.

The lifetime of IG stories in only 24 hours, and they automatically disappear after the time of 24 hours. You can how-ever download them and save them for later by using an online Instagram story downloader. Downloading stories is not natively available on the Instagram app, so this tool is priceless.

Instagram stories offer a variety of tools for the marketers that are not provided by the regular Instagram feed. These tools include:

  • Instagram Polls
  • Instagram Stickers
  • Facility of asking exclusive questions

Here are some fundamental traits of Instagram stories that make them a subject of interest.

1. Temporary Nature

Whatever you post on Instagram stories will automatically disappear after twenty-four hours.It means that you don’t have to be formal while sharing something in your stories. You can share whatever you want, whether it is relevant or irrelevant.

2. More Engagement

Studies suggest that active visitors prefer to interact with Instagram stories in comparison to regular feed posts. It is because stories offer 15 seconds long videos that are informative as well as engaging.

3. Sound is on

More than 70% of the users listen to the sound of videos when they are watching them on IG stories. It is because the sound on the videos of stories is generally captivating and soothing.

4. Your Informal brand

When you have plenty of stories in your feed, then they will behave like a personal brand. You can also post the stuff that is related to other brands, and in this way, visitors will get the diversity in content.

5. Experimentation

If you have some new ideas to promote your brand, then starting with IG stories would be immensely beneficial. Your followers will not be offended because they already know that stories are not meant to post related stuff only.


You should be employing both the things as per your needs. Sometimes, stories are essential, while on other occasions, the feed will have a significant role. I have described all the main differences that can be perceived by anyone. You can follow them for your convenience.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
Ann Castro is a lead author at Techicy who writes on Technology, Home Improvement, and Businesses around the world. With a background in Journalism, Ann has a professional experience of more than seven years working with some of the big media companies. She is also an avid traveler, a singer, and a guitarist.


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