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The Ultimate Guide To Using Instagram Stories To Your Benefit

Why is Instagram so famous today? Experts say that Instagram is an innovative and different platform from its social media peers like Facebook and LinkedIn. This platform is considered to be one of the best social media marketing platforms for reaching out to over 700 million registered users in the age group of 18 years to 30 years. If you are a business owner, you can make effective use of this visual representation platform and use its amazing features. One of them is Instagram Stories. It helps you to increase user engagement and establish a brand presence in the market as well.

Instagram Marketing

The Instagram Stories feature is very popular among people today. It is more or less similar to Snapchat. This feature displays small snippets of videos and photos that display on the newsfeed of your network for 24 hours before they vanish completely from the portal. As a business owner, you may wonder that the Instagram Stories feature is not useful for your business at all. What is the point of having a story that vanishes from the platform in a day? Online digital media experts say the contrary. This feature is very useful as it helps users get engaged with the platform on a much personal level over the general Instagram posts that you publish. In fact, you can promote your business better with Instagram, and the following are some ways via which you can do so easily-

  1. The market offers that are time-limited- When it comes to the product selling there is nothing as persuasive as offers that are time limited. They help you to market and promote a product. You may offer your customers a product that has a limited edition or a free item to give away. With the aid of the 24 hours, Instagram Stories feature you can utilize it for selling products to your present and potential customers. You can make the post better by creating a chain and highlighting the fact that your customers have just 24 hours to get involved in the post. If you resort to the above measure, you can get better-targeted traffic towards the product that you wish to promote to your users. With the help of Instagram Stories, you can promote offers that are exclusive and trigger better lead conversion. It also helps you to improve your loyal customers as well. They will feel satisfied and thank you for making them feel a part of your community.
  2. You can also share behind the scene stories with your followers- This helps you to get real Instagram likes The posts are engaging, and they compel your followers to share them with their network. You allow your users to get a sneak peek at the camera and they are happy to know the people behind each Instagram story. If you wish to make your story more interesting and engaging, you can inform your followers beforehand about the story so that they will view it and share it with their network. Your followers will like being behind the scenes when it comes to Instagram posts.
  3. If you are creative and wish to make a deep impact on Instagram- collaborate with other businesses on Instagram and ask them to host an Instagram Story with you. This will attract a lot of targeted users to your brand. At the same time, this gesture will also help you to build credibility for your brand, and this is the need of the day when you are looking for brand exposure online. Guest posts are always welcomed, and you should make use them on Instagram as well.
  4. Reach out to those who follow you- There is nothing as personal as reaching out to people that follow you. This enables you to give them a unique personal touch that mainly helps you to establish your business and make a deep impact on your targeted audience. When you communicate with your followers, you effectively can give them the attention they deserve. They, in turn, become loyal customers and are committed to your brand and business as well.

Therefore, Instagram Stories go a long way when it comes to the promotion of your business on Instagram. With the help of Instagram Stories, you efficiently can create a solid brand presence that mostly helps you to interact and communicate with the targeted audience easily. You can increase lead conversions and boost up the sales and profits of your company as well. This is why Instagram is popular with its peers like Facebook and Twitter. It has a host of unique features like Instagram Stories and is simple and convenient for you to use anytime for your business with success!

Author Bio: Jane Hall is a social media manager and helps clients to get real Instagram likes for better lead conversions and sales for their businesses.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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