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Increase your Social Media Followers with the Help of Famoid

There was a time when social media was just treated as a source of entertainment and fun. But the situation is not the same any more. Personal branding on social platforms is a real thing. It can transform your life and career. You can establish your identity by creating content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and increase the number of followers. Numbers have great significance as a social platform. They are the primary indicators of your credibility and popularity.

Social Media followers with the help of Famoid

If creating content is one part, making people engaged with it is a whole another game. Even if you have a good follower base, they don’t tend to engage with your content. Engagement rate on social media just range from 2-10%.

Yes! You read that right. Suppose an Instagram reel is viewed by 1 million views. You would just see 100k to 200k likes on it.

It happens because most of the people would like to watch your content, but they don’t want to let you know it. Most of the people are Ghost followers.

Although, there is nothing loss in it, it would be demotivating when you don’t receive reactions on your post.

This article helps you to know the solution to this problem and help you increase your engagement as well as follower base.

Shortly, Famoid is your one stop destination.

What is Famoid?

Famoid is a company that provides all kinds of social media services such as managing social media accounts for business, increasing your followers on social media and other such services. Managing social media accounts of business is a tedious job. Famoid provides professional social media services at an affordable price. They provide services for all major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more. Since 2017, it has been a trusted social media service and has gained vast satisfied customer base. The company is completely legal to get services. They are showing the best possible result to their customers in bringing rapid growth.

Why choose Famoid?

It is the first service to provide social media services legally. They have satisfied a huge base of their clients and customers through their genuine services. The company offers faster service responses as its full technical programming system is automatic. They provide 24/7 hours support for the whole year. The support team has dedicated employees who are always willing to help you. In short, Famoid helps businesses and individuals gain publicity and popularity in the world of social media. The best part is that all these exclusive services are available for affordable prices.

Services of Famoid:

Instagram – Not to mention, Instagram is a popular social media platform with a wide audience base. Famoid provides many services related to Instagram like they help you boost your followers, get more likes & comments, and drive more views of your posts. They offer a service that gets you automatic likes on your post uploads immediately and it is available at a pretty affordable price ranging from $2.95 for 100 followers and ranges up to $129.95 for 25,000 followers.

Facebook – Similar to Instagram, on Facebook, Famoid helps you to get more likes on pages and post uploads. They range from about 500 likes to 5,000+ likes. Price range is from $44.95 for 5,000 likes. The same price applies to both pages as well as post likes.

Twitter – Twitter is an ocean. Building a follower base on Twitter is not an easy thing. Famoid helps you in increasing Twitter followers, increases re-tweets & likes on tweets and helps you in creating personal brand. The followers, likes and re-tweets increase range from 500 for $8.95 to 5,000 for $44.95. Twitter is not just about writing short tweets and posting, it is a powerful social platform. It can bring you credibility and boost your social identity.

YouTube – YouTube channel is not less than a running business. Famoid helps in increasing your video views and number of subscribers and helps in increasing channel revenue. Famoid YouTube service ranges from $59.95 for 500 subscribers to $289.95 for 5,000 subscribers.


Social media is not as simple as you think. It demands a lot of your effort and time to become successful on social media. Famoid can help you in making this easier and it provides all these services at low and affordable prices. So, if you want to establish social media identity and create your own follower base. Head on to Famoid and leverage their services.

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