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How to Secure Your Business Social Media Accounts

The global cost of cybercrime is projected to exceed $2 trillion this year, according to a Forbes article. The losses that businesses are taking due to cybercrime are at epidemic levels. Apart from your website and email, corporate social media accounts are also under threat. Yet, social media is a largely overlooked area when it comes to cybersecurity.

Secure Your Business Social Media Accounts

With the cybercrime landscape constantly evolving, attacks becoming more sophisticated, and threats harder to detect, your organization’s social media efforts are in danger. Here are some practices to help you tighten your workplace social media security.

Create a Social Media Policy

Most organizations use social media to communicate and do business with their customers, as noted by a cybersecurity company FraudWatch International. This has turned social media into a real target for criminals. One of the best methods to keep your accounts safe is by developing a social media policy.

This is a written guide on how every person within the organization should conduct themselves online. It should be communicated to all stakeholders within the organization. The document should outline which people have access to the accounts, the roles they play, and the type of content they can post.

Review All Security Settings

Most of the vulnerability lies in your account settings. Passwords are one of the main areas that most organizations overlook. To avoid unauthorized access, your passwords should be strong, unique, and they should be changed regularly. The two-factor authentication also adds an extra layer of security.

The privacy settings of your social network accounts also play a critical security role. If not checked, you may end up unwittingly disclosing some vital data that hackers can exploit to harm your business. Review your privacy settings carefully and only choose settings that best serve your business.

Monitor Every Activity

Hackers use rogue links to collect information from social media users. They lure you into clicking the link by pretending to be a trusted person such as a friend or business partner. The link is sent to you as a direct message or email. Once clicked, it steals your password, collects vital information, or even takes over your account.

To avoid falling prey to hackers, any link sent to you should be viewed with a skeptical eye and closely checked before being clicked. To verify any link that you are suspicious of, you can utilize tools that detect fake URLs or use block buttons to lock out spammers.

Invest in a Full-Spectrum Antimalware Software

With all the risks online, there is a chance that a cybercriminal might penetrate your account. Luckily, protecting your social network accounts from security breaches is not hard. Investing in the right antimalware software can easily keep hackers at bay. All you have to do is ensure it is always running, and it’s kept updated.

Train and You Will Gain

Human error is one of the leading causes behind online insecurity. Improper use of accounts leads to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Well trained employees can be a major asset when it comes to securing your social networks. Each employee should be educated on the best online practices. This will enable all your staff to understand and stay updated on the latest social media security trends.

securing your social networks


Cybersecurity attacks like phishing, brand impersonation, and identity theft are now being run through social media accounts. If caught unprepared, a cybercrime attack has the potential to negatively affect your brand, cause financial loss, and cost you customers. To tackle this threat, the guide above will help you boost your social media security measures.

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