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How to Wash a Sweatshirt Blanket?

The winter has arrived, and so the need for a blanket hoodie to keep you warm. Such cosy beddings are the best thing one might want than anything else, and nothing offer such winsome moments at night or at a sleepover or even while watching a film. However, unlike other pieces of bedding, sweatshirt blankets are more prone to food, hairs, body oils, stains, coffee or tea spills. For this reason, it is indispensable to launder your blanket hoodie in order to keep it in a good health. But again while laundering, you must ensure that it is done in a specifically well-suited way so that it will not cause them to quickly pill or lose their shape.

How to Wash a Sweatshirt Blanket

If you are not sure of which cleaning method you can go with, do not stress over it; we have got you covered with the best application without running its fabric. Or you can simply get in touch with The Laundress to check their product range and services.

Washing a blanket hoodie is as easy as buying authentic WomenPremiumBeauty products without having worried about counterfeiting. Here you can read up on steps on how to wash sweatshirt blankets.

What Will You Need?

  • A fabric-appropriate laundry detergent that is free of bleach
  • Lukewarm or mild warm water
  • A bucket or a tub

Cleaning Steps:

  • Fill up the bucket with lukewarm water.
  • Pour about one and a half scoop of washing detergent into the bucket/tub.
  • Mix it up well. Now, place the sweatshirt blanket in the bucket and let it to soak in the water. Since most of the blankets are pretty dense, it will get absorbed in no time. Also, make sure not to scrub it as it might shrink or weaken the fibres.
  • Press it down to wash and let it spread through the water.
  • It should be all soapy now, using kneading strokes drag the sweatshirt blanket forth and back.
  • Take hold a side for a short while as it will smooth the cleaning and also remove the stains if any. Repeat this until the blanket has been cleaned thoroughly.
  • If you are done with cleaning, take it out of the tub/bucket and hold it until the saturated water run out.
  • Now, you need to squeeze out the excess soapy water. To this end, fold the bedding in half 3 to 4 times and apply pressure using both hands.
  • Drain the water and refill the tub/bucket with the fresh one. Take the sweatshirt blanket and swish it through the water in order to rinse away any detergent particle that might have left into it.
  • Drain and rinse again. You may need to repeat it three to four times until all the soap is gone and the water is clear.

Undoubtedly, we have got washing machines for the job, but there are several perfect-moment like comfy, fragile blankets which are required to be washed by hand. By following the above steps you will not only get your blanket cleaned in no time but also can add a few more years to its life as well.

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