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How to Make a Revision Study Schedule for NEET Biology?

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is also known as NEET. It is conducted every year across the country. It is a popular entrance exam that is organized by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission into all sorts of medical courses including MBBS or BDS, offered by many eminent medical institutes in India. This is an important entrance exam for the students preparing themselves for their selective medical streams for career advancements.

Study Schedule for NEET Biology

According to a survey, millions of students take the NEET exam with perseverance. However, getting into the merit zone is a tough nut to crack. Thus, most of the students start preparing for the exam months before its final dates. Students who are preparing for this exam should be well aware of the exam pattern and its syllabus even before they start studying. Also, you must go through some authentically designed study material for NEET to avoid getting stuck amid the course. It is better to go through NEET study material, it is specifically designed for the students such that they can understand the important concepts with much ease and conclude their notes with the NEET syllabus as its focus. It is advised that you prepare well in advance and cover all the topics months before the NEET is held. Once every topic is understood and practiced well, all that is left to focus on is the revision of those topics. NEET syllabus includes some important topics chosen from the entire Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus that is enough to get you acquainted with the pattern of the exam.

Most of the students who are preparing for NEET find it challenging to focus on some of the topics in Biology. The reason is, they have not considered these topics for a quick revision. Having revised all the topics makes you feel at ease and also prepares you for taking on many other resources to practice further for the exam. However, it is always important to identify the right kind of study material for the preparation of NEET. Thus, you need to look for the authorized resources suggested by your tutors or seniors or even attend live classes if possible, and also having a fixed schedule should be followed with discipline.

Although every student has their way of planning out their revision study schedule and learning at their own pace, it is better to follow the below-mentioned steps for an organized learning experience for the upcoming NEET. As per the analysis of the NEET 2021 question paper, it is observed that Biology is the most important section among all the three sections in this exam because this section consists of 90 questions with a total of 360 marks in the medical UG exam. Therefore, concentrating on Biology on a priority basis is the ultimate requirement for the upcoming exam. This can also increase your chances of cracking this popular entrance test with a good score. In this article, it is explained how you can make a revision study schedule for NEET Biology.

  • First and foremost, it is better to download the NEET Biology syllabus and quickly go through the topics mentioned in the same. It will help you to prepare thoroughly for the exam without much hassle.
  • The next step is to download and go through the NEET Question papers and sample papers along with NEET Important Questions for the upcoming NEET. This will provide you the confidence for tackling tricky questions and questions related to some difficult topics.
  • Candidates need to have a firm hold on all the concepts in Biology if they want to attain high scores in the exam. Thus, it is recommended that you should start with difficult topics when it comes to revision. Going through the syllabus chapter-wise might not help everybody. It is better to cover the difficult ones first so that you can save time for easier ones at last.
  • The next step is to prepare the important topics by heart. Learn, decode, practice, and keep revising until it sets in your mind like solid rock! Since the syllabus for Biology in NEET is prepared from the Class 11th and 12th Chapters, aspirants will find it easier to understand the topics and revise them often.
  • The topics covered in the NEET syllabus should be revised with a focus on expected questions from each topic. This is the best way to ensure good scores in the exam. This will prepare you beforehand.
  • Another tip is to refer to the guides for a detailed experience and enhance your knowledge about the subject for an added benefit in NEET.
  • Some platforms organize live classes for the NEET preparation, which are beneficial for the students when self-study is not feasible. The best part about these classes is that these classes can be accessed even in a low bandwidth making it easier to join for students who are residing in remote areas. Another advantage is that you can get your doubts cleared simultaneously with one on one interaction while saving time for further studies. So, it is suggested to join such classes, especially for Biology if you want to ace this exam. It will also keep you disciplined throughout the schedule.
  • Accessing previous years’ question papers with solutions is a great approach to revise and ensure your good scores in NEET. While you solve previous year’s papers, it will help you identify your hold on a particular concept or topic. Also, it will give you the feel of appearing in a real exam just like mock tests thereby helping you get a crystal clear understanding of the topics to be focused on more and therefore helps you become ready for the upcoming NEET exam.


Revision in any form is necessary for preparing for any exam, but how you do it makes all the difference in your performance in a specific exam.

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