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Preparation for JEE Mains 2022- Tips and Tricks

Preparation is always the stepping stone to success. Without preparation it is really not possible to do anything, especially it for sure impossible to crack a competitive exam such as JEE Mains. It is usually such that there are enough chances for people to crack other exams as it is largely objective type questions which usually revolve largely on the syllabus taught to students during 11th and 12th grade. Hence a majority section of students though find it possible to crack the first stage of the exam which is JEE mains. Hence the level of these exams are equal to the worth of their output. Also JEE mains is one of the toughest exams in relation to the engineering field in the country. In order to crack this exam it is no easy task rather it requires the right knack of preparation. Apart from other things it is this JEE mains which will determine who can appear in JEE Advanced which in turn will decide the future of these students. However with a good amount of preparation, hard work and luck it would be possible for a student to get over this particular hurdle and go on to excel in their life. Hence the following tips would be useful for the preparation for JEE Mains 2022.

Preparation for JEE Mains 2022

Early Preparation: JEE exams are those exams which have a close proximity with what students study in their school. Hence as a result it is a requirement for students to start preparing for these exams in early days. This preparation can either be self-preparation or through online classes. However it is important that they make sure to start them at an ideal time. To be more precise, students nowadays start preparing from the early period of their 11th grade. And this is quite considered to be an optimum time to start preparing. By doing so these students not only get a head start in giving and acing these exams but also there are enough chances to be on-line with their school syllabus. Therefore this in a way helps in the dual preparation.

Study Plan: One of the crucial factors which have a great effect on the success of competitive exams is the study plan. If a student is able to make a good plan which covers all the aspects of preparation and is able to largely cover the plan and implement it then it would be a greatly easy task to have a successful examination. But however many students fail greatly at this stage. The fact that this is a long borne process there are good chances preparation may falter. Hence it is important that students have a good strategy and study plan. Further it is more important that one should by all means try to implement the same.

Checking of Syllabus: In preparation for exams of this high importance syllabus plays an important role. Students on a foremost need to know what has to be studied and what has to be covered and the amount of importance to be given to each. It is such that usually 100% of the exam questions are covered all in all by those things present in the syllabus as the institutes do not try to go out of hand as the existing ones are vast enough to cause chaos. Therefore one of the important things to be taken care of is to know the syllabus before-hand. Once this is done the next step to look out is the important topics or questions that are required to be covered. Along with all these, one must also take good care about the pattern of the exam.

Question papers and mock tests: It is important for students appearing in a competitive exam like JEE to have a good course of walkthrough to the previous year question papers and a nice lane of mock tests. By doing so it is not only that they get exposed to what to be done but also it would be possible to deduce the main part of the syllabus and make the preparation go easy. JEE Main PYQP with answer key plays an important role in regard with the same.

Subject wise preparation:

Now moving further JEE exam is one of those exams which has multiple subjects to be looked after namely Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Hence as a result of this it is important that each and every student makes sure that they have a streamlined preparation strategy for different subjects in accordance with what is required. Here are a few tips on the same.

Physics preparation;

Here physics is all about logic and concepts. This subject is seen as one of the toughest ones as they look like a blend of science and maths coming together. However with proper understanding of basic concepts, certain simple formulas and other calculations it is evident that physics can be cracked without much struggle. However it is important that there is a proper balance in the preparation of the theory as well as the calculation part when it comes to physics denying which there might be dire consequences.

Chemistry preparations:

Out of these 3 subjects which are available in JEE mains chemistry can be seen as quite a theoretical one. And this point is quite true because the other two subjects largely involve various types of calculations, counting and other things which are of arithmetic nature. But it is important to understand that chemistry also as a subject requires conceptual learning. Hence one of the best tips to pass a chemistry exam in a JEE main paper is by having a good conceptual, analytical and memorization skill. If all these 3 things are brought together in the preparation then scoring marks would look like a no big task.

Maths Preparation:

Now here we come to the main subject of any engineering degree which is of course nothing but mathematics. Without this subject anything of this type would not be possible. Hence by using various smart ways of learning and all other possible things a student must try overcoming this subject.

Thereby a student must make sure to follow both the general and specific instruction to have a good preparation process.

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