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How to Hack someones WhatsApp messages

Everyone loves to text with their friends, colleagues and most importantly with their heart throbs, on WhatsApp. Enjoys Sharing their feelings, emotions and love with the help of huge list of features tailored inside WhatsApp.

To respect the privacy of its one billion plus users the Facebook owned instant messaging service offers various privacy and security features.

Hack someones WhatsApp messages

Keeping the security features aside, how to hack WhatsApp? And how to spy on WhatsApp messages of other users? are very popular and frequently asked questions regarding WhatsApp.

We are pretty sure that they might have juggled in your mind for at least once.

So we thought of providing a solution and a way that actually lets you listen your friends or dear ones WhatsApp conversations legally.

Hacking someone’sWhatsApp messages doesn’t require some super hacking and coding skills, all you need is a smartphone and a few bucks in wallet.

Because of high security and encryption measures taken by WhatsApp, ordinary apps cannot hack WhatsApp messages so we are introducing you to two popular WhatsApp spy softwawres that let you do this.

The first player in the list is a feature rich WhatsApp spy app and is known as flexispy.


Flexispy is one of the most powerful spying tool available. It has a huge catalogue of services and products that offers various monitoring and spying features.

Flexispy lets you spy on your friends instant messaging communications including WhatsApp.


  • All you need is to purchase license for use of flexispy app and download it from the flexispy official website.
  • Simply install it on your targets phone and leave the rest to flexispy.


  • Flexispy can spy on call logs, messages, passwords, gps, communication over various IM services, internet usage, device usage and remote access to the victim’s phone. All that without and trace of spying.
  • Impressed with it so buy it now from the following link.

The next player in the list is mSpy.


MSPY is another powerful WhatsApp spy app helps you in hacking some ones WhatsApp messages.

What’s interesting about MSPY?

  • MSPY is the most flexible and user friendly app to work on.
  • It doesn’t require any jail breaking for tracking WhatsApp messages on iOS devices.
  • It works flawlessly and gives you complete access over call log, calendar updates, emails, web history, text messages and GPS location.
  • You can access the entire targets data with just one simple MSPY account. It also provides you with detailed reports.
  • It works silently and creepily without any notice. No installation icons and usage history is displayed.


  • Purchase and download it from their official website.
  • Once you install in your victim phone, MSPY starts its monitoring engine and updates you with detailed reports.

Who said only Google and Facebook know about your online identity. Even you can trace anyone’s online identity with the simple apps.

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NOTE: Flexispy need Root/jail break to work where as MSPY doesn’t require jailbreak to track WhatsApp. Rooting Android device is necessary to monitor WhatsApp messages for mSpy as well.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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