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Quiklo – The Store to Buy Your Tech Gadgets at EMI

We have a plethora of options to buy from while we choose to purchase products online. Especially when we are looking to buy tech gadgets we consider a lot of options as the price can be a huge factor while purchasing such products. The best way to purchase high-end products if you are low on budget is to get it on an EMI. However, not all of us have credit cards and have the ability to buy things on EMI. Not anymore, Quiklo is an amazing app that lets you purchase tech gadgets with a convenient payment option and offers you EMI without the need of any credit cards. With this app, you can now buy moto phones on EMI without credit card. This is a great feature for students who rely on savings to purchase products or people with low income.

Benefits of Purchasing High Priced Products at Quiklo

You will find a lot of benefits in purchasing costly tech products from Quiklo as they have made it very easy to pay the amount. Although the app is specially meant for students, people who don’t own a credit card but wish to pay in EMI may use it. Let’s see why you must buy your tech gadgets from Quiklo.

EMI with Cash/Debit Card

EMI’s are usually associated with credit cards and is not possible to get by anyone who doesn’t possess a credit card. With the help of Quiklo, you can now get an EMI on your favorite products without owning a credit card. You can repay the money of the total amount either in cash by heading to a Quiklo office or else you can use net banking to pay the money through your debit card. Repayment is extremely easy and convenient to do through Quiklo. Moreover, you can also use popular digital wallets to pay your EMI which is quite convenient as well.

A Huge Range Of Products

The number of products available at Quiklo is astonishing. You can buy digital cameras, phones, tablets and wearable through Quiklo. Just choose the product you like and you can have it with a small down payment. Later on, you can repay in the form of EMIs through any mode you like. Almost all the popular brands are available at Quiklo. You can buy Moto phones on EMI without credit card and also buy Redmi phones on EMI among other brands.

Available For Students

The target market for Quiklo is definitely students and they avail extremely easy mode of payments as well as loan requests for them. If you are a student and wish to buy a product through Quiklo, you just need to fill out an application form just for verification purposes and it will be approved almost instantly. This seems too good to be true but Quiklo has made it possible. Students can repay the whole amount with the small savings that they do.

Purchase High End Products

We always look at the price of the product before purchasing it, if it is too costly, we usually delay buying it or save for the product. However, with the help of Quiko, you can easily buy any product you wish to. The app offers you EMI payments and you would just need to make a small down payment and then you can pay the rest of the amount either in cash or any other mode you like. If you are a student and wish to buy a product which you have always dreamt of, you can make this happen through Quiklo.

The Last Words

We have seen many reasons, why buying from Quiklo is the best online option available to buy costly tech products. The app also offers a lot of products to choose from and it will most probably have the product you are looking for. You can also buy Redmi phones on EMI as they are becoming very popular these days. Moreover, you can forget all kinds of payment hassles as one of the best things that Quiklo does is to ease your payment process. Thus, the next time you decide to buy any high end tech product, make sure you do it from Quiklo.

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