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Best Apps for Those Always on the Go

Best Apps for Those Always on the Go
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A few years ago working a 9-5 job was the normality for society. These days, however, the 9-5 office job is practically extinct with people working much earlier and later in the day and a lot of people no longer having a single building to call a place of work. Without the advances in technology we’ve seen over the last few years, longer working hours could have put an end to after-work socializing, gym visits, eating out etc. However, thankfully, none of that has come to an end thanks to a variety of great apps that help ensure life carries on even when on the go.

1: Uber

Unfortunately, public transport isn’t always available when we need to travel – especially if you’re working very late at night. For these occasions Uber is the app you need in your life. Uber is a service available in major cities throughout the world and allows you to order a taxi from your phone and even pre-pay your journey meaning you don’t need to carry cash. Simply order and work away in your warm office until your car has arrived to pick you up. You’ll be sent updates on your driver’s location by text, along with information on the car and driver to expect.

2: Any.Do

Without a to-do list, most of us would be lost. Work meetings, social events, doctor’s appointments would all be forgotten. Any.Do is available worldwide, and was developed with busy people in mind. As Any.Do integrates with other apps like Gmail and suggests events and meetings to be added to your list so you don’t need to. It also synchronizes across all your devices, which is a major plus-point.

3: Netflix

We’ve all been there, you’ve only been in the office two minutes and a colleague is asking if you’ve seen the latest episode of Westworld before reeling off the spoilers. Being on the go all the time can make it pretty difficult to keep up with the latest TV and movie releases, and with such high data charges it’s difficult to watch on-the-go. Netflix has thankfully changed that though with their new download feature which makes it possible to download all your favorite shows while you’re at home, store them and watch them later when you’re on the move.

4: Grubhub (USA)/Hungryhouse (UK)

Working unusual hours means that your eating habits can often suffer and if you’re working late at night you’ll find canteens and local shops will be closed. Thankfully takeaway apps such as Grubhub and Hungryhouse offer late night deliveries from local restaurants. And fear not for your waistline, both of these apps feature healthy food as well, including vegetarian and fresh salad options to keep your body in top condition.

5. Fitstar

Being incredibly busy means that making the time to visit a gym regularly can be pretty impossible, so your money gets wasted on a barely-used membership and you’re no healthier for it. Instead, why not sign up for a subscription-based gym experience on your phone? Fitstar, which is owned by Fitbit, aims to give you workouts that can be done quickly, whenever, wherever and without any equipment.  There are different categories of exercise based on your goals (such as getting lean or building muscle) and you can rate each exercise so the app learns your fitness level and what exercises to show you to improve fitness.

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