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What Exactly Are These Car Gages Fighting with Me?

These Car Gages Fighting with Me

Car gages are those pesky things on your dashboard. You know, the ones that tell you that your car is feeling chilly, or has run out of gas. They always seem to be against you because you really only remember them when something goes wrong. Keep a few things in mind if you want to feel a little bit better about the role they serve in your life and to keep yourself from removing points from your NY DMV driving record.

They Don’t Actually Hate You

Contrary to popular opinion, car gages don’t really hate you. They just want to keep you informed about what’s going on with your car. Sort of. Because sometimes car gages are just flat out wrong. Over time, aliens find you and your car and cause a magnetic shift inside of the vehicle. Once they’ve wreaked havoc, your gages will then constantly tell you you’re in need of oil when you just had it changed, or that it’s going to explode with you inside of it. Or perhaps it wasn’t aliens. It could be a faulty fuse or a bad wire. But honestly, who can really tell? (Hint: See Next Paragraph)

We’ll Tell You Who Can Tell

It’s your mechanic, believe it or not. For whatever reason, they seem to know just what’s going on. They’re the ones to let you know that you’re not really going 110 miles an hour, it’s your speedometer that’s broken. Maybe you actually do have gas, when the car is showing that you’re running on empty. You can certainly lie to yourself that you can keep track of the internal workings of your car, but you really should just stop being cheap and go get it fixed.

Will I Need Car Gages in the Future?

It depends, do you think they’ll have roads built on Mars in the future? Ooh, did I go too far? Car gages are actually pretty important, so it’s likely the answer will be yes. The technology behind car gages is only likely to get better though, so the good news is that you might not have them break down or malfunction as often as they do right now. In fact, if the current news is any indication, your gages will probably be machines that are fixed instantly by machines. So, you may still need them, but they may not be as much of a pain in the neck as they are now.

What Should I Do Until the Future?

You should really just keep an eye on your gages — especially if you reset something in your car. For example, your gages is likely being tracked by the amount of miles you’ve driven since an oil change, so if you reset it halfway through the change, that could cause trouble for you if you’re not keeping track of the time and the notifications. If you’re driving like a Grandma Jane, and the speedometer is showing you’re driving like Mario Andretti, that could get you in hot water where only taking traffic school can take you out.

How Did You Know How Much I Hate Gages?

Because we all hate gages. This is just what we do as car owners. We would prefer to get in the car and drive, as opposed to checking on them when they may say something that tells us we have to do work. No matter how much we may love our mechanics, most people don’t really want to see him and hand over our hard-earned cash.

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