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How To Get Rid Of The Spotify Pausing Problems With These Simple Steps

Listening to music is a passion for people and Spotify offers the platform seamlessly to reach worldwide. Spotify, the digital music streaming app does not stop with songs as it extends its horizons to live podcasts and videos across channels. It is also accessible to people easily as free versions have become more popular in recent times. This has been used widely in all the resources like mobile phones, iPad, Amazon Echo, and Google, etc. ever since it has come into existence. Being very successful all these times, there has never been any major complaints. However, in recent times there has been sudden sparking of issues regarding its unprecedented pause while the streaming is in process. These issues have been prominent in certain devices of Android 9, in galaxy mobiles like Samsung S8, S9, and S10. The Samsung users have complained incessantly about inconsistency in the playing of Spotify music.

Get Rid Of The Spotify Pausing Problems

Spotify Complaints:

Analyzing the complaints, they have been majorly about the sudden pause or halt of video streaming. This has been a prevailing issue for Samsun Galaxy owners and they have raised complaints in various forums seeking resolutions. Spotify has come up with the targets of fixing the issue sooner as they have given an ETA for the issue.

One of the major complaints regarding Spotify which broke universally was the pausing of the streaming music while the screen locks in S8. However, recent issues sprung up in updated versions like S9 and S10 where they complained of sudden breakage of music even though the screen is not locked. There was a major analysis on the issue and the mitigations for the same have been put up by some of the Samsung users.

Probable reasons for the issue:

Spotify has lots of background applications and services running as it tries to connect remote servers and streaming channels. The storage capacity of offline mode in Spotify is 10,000 songs. The data usage also exceeds 50 MB depending on the quality of the videos. There is an addition of functionalities like Canvas videos and Release Radar options which are a self-updated on the system. Since there are so many background services getting looped in Spotify, the battery usage has to be at its maximum allowing all the popping actions to have proceeded.

Operating the system in power saving mode or optimized mode could also spring up the issue as it blocks the full flow of its backend and background process. The resolve to the issue was done in many ways and there were very few proved to be effective.

Mitigation of the issue:

There could be many solutions to the issue that has been tried and tested. One of the common solutions applied is deleting the cache memories of Spotify and restarting the application. This method works for some but fails in most cases. There is also a reinstallation done to the app to revive its actions completely. All these methods have not been a complete remedy as it is a temporary fix to the problem.

One successful way for resolution was navigating to the Spotify Account overview page and clicking the sign out everywhere button. This will completely stop the backend processing and it also signs away from all the devices wiping of chances of backend process continuing in other resources.

Apart from this, the most effective solution which has worked in recent times for all the Android 9 users has been to deactivate the battery optimization mode for this app. To do this, we have to follow the below steps and ensure its full-processing without any hindrance.

  1. Take an Android phone and navigate to the settings page
  2. On the setting page, navigate to Apps
  3. Choose Spotify in Apps, and we can see it has been restricted to Battery operations.
  4. So we choose the Optimum Battery Usage tab, Click it
  5. Select Spotify and deactivate it for optimum usage.

Another way to resolve the issue is by removing the app from the list of sleeping Apps.

  1. Navigate to the settings page.
  2. Go to the Device Care choice.
  3. Click the Battery
  4. Go to the settings and find the sleeping apps.
  5. In the sleeping Apps, disable Spotify and remove it.

After the above process is followed, Spotify will operate without intermittent halts after a reboot of the system. This method has been predominantly used as a proven technique to solve the issue. However, the Spotify team has been bent on fixing the issue universally as early as possible.

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