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Promote Your Music After Buying Spotify Plays

Spotify is one of the largest music streaming applications in the world. Every artist aims at releasing their music on Spotify. Once your music is out, you must focus on your account followers, listeners and other such factors. Since the option to buy Spotify plays is now available you can get followers, plays and listeners on your account immediately.

Music After Buying Spotify Plays

Once you have bought Spotify plays, there are a few more things to consider. Promoting your music is very important since you want your music to be heard around the world. You must never stop sharing your music.

Ways to Promote your Music 

You have just bought Spotify plays for your music and now seem confused about what the next step is. How do you promote your music after buying Spotify plays? These tips may help

  • The Social Media Way 

Use the most of social media to promote your music. Sharing your music on apps like Instagram and Twitter will really help your track get more likes, plays and maybe more followers. Share and promote your music in the form of posts, stories, reels and tweets. Send all your friends and followers a Spotify link to your song and ask them to share the song as much as possible. The more you share the song, the more will be the plays on the songs.

  • Send your music to bloggers 

Make sure that after releasing your music, you send your music to websites and bloggers. Music blogs like Rolling Stone will certainly help in promoting your track to a new level. Music blogs have been doing really well recently. Send your music to music bloggers asking them to feature your music in one of their upcoming articles. Since these bloggers receive such emails from musicians every day, there may be instances where you may not get a reply from them. However, be humble and wait for the process. One way or another, if your music is good, your songs will be featured.

  • Sending your music to playlist curators 

Once you upload your music, you would want everyone to listen to your music. It is important that your hard work is appreciated. Once you’ve uploaded your music on Spotify send in your songs to playlist curators so your song can be featured. Playlists are a great way for your music to be heard by newer people.

  • Posting new content 

Now that you have more followers and plays on your Spotify, it is your chance to shine on with new music. It is important that you keep posting new content and let your followers know that you are active on Spotify. Post new music and be original and that is what will make you different. Your originality defines you. As you keep working hard, your talent will be discovered and your Spotify account will only keep growing. Using websites like SpotifyStorm get you real followers and likes and these followers will want to hear new music from you.

These pointers are just a few factors that can help you keep growing and get a significant rise in your followers on Spotify.

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