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Review Of Amazon Echo Look

Recently Amazon launched Amazon Echo Look with many features and sleek design, which is available in India at price around Rs. 18,000. Basically, Amazon Echo look is a camera which operates using artificial intelligence and it is voice controlled device. It is available in only white colour till now. Amazon states that the Echo look is a styling system. Like other devices of Amazon, it is powered by Alexa. This article talks about the Amazon Echo look and features of the Echo look among other things.

Review Of Amazon Echo Look

What is it?

Amazon Echo Look is a smart camera which takes your pictures on voice command. It has all the functionalities of Alexa, amazon assistance. It is a camera activated by your voice which takes pictures and short videos. It also compares two outfits as provide you with advice and suggestions based on your outfits. While other devices of amazon focus mainly on the verbal interactions, however, Echo look focuses on your looks. It tracks what you wear every day and provides fashion advice based on the same. Echo look can do all the things/actions which Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa can do like control smart home devices, play music, make calls, etc. Amazon Echo look is a cloud-based service. You can easily set up the Echo Look in your house and it has around 4 microphones through which it hears your voice.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a Virtual Personal Assistant which act in accordance with your command like Siri by Apple or Google Now by Google. Alexa can do a lot of things in accordance with your commands like telling weather, reminders, plans, smart home devices, play songs, search some information, set timers, reminders, alarms, call or receive phone calls, read news etc. it also provides for a feature which is kid-friendly named as free time.

All About Echo Look

  • Camera – 5MP camera and Intel RealSense SR300 for depth sensing technology
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – The Amazon Echo looks comes with WIFI connectivity, however, it does not support connecting to captive portal wi-fi networks. It can be connected to your WIFI and Android and IOS devices.
  • Audio – The new echo Look has a built-in speaker for voice feedback. However, the same is not very good.
  • Microphone – it has 4 microphones to hear the command from some distance also.
  • Cloud Storage – Echo Looks stores photos and videos securely on the Amazon Web Services Cloud.
  • Size – Size of this new Echo Look is 42x37x132 mm. It is small but produces good picture quality. Its weight is 194 gm which is light.
  • System Requirements – the Echo look comes ready to connect to your WIFI. It is compatible with Android (Lollipop and above) and iOS (iOS 9 and above) devices (iPhone 5s or above). The Alexa app is compatible with Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices and accessible via your web browser.
  • Warranty – The new Echo Look comes with a limited warranty of one year. If anything goes wrong with this device in one year, then you can take advantage to warranty.
  • What’s in the box – Echo Look, base, Power adaptor, mounting kit and Quick Start guide.

What’s good about Echo Look?

  • Design- The echo Look comes with sleek design and provides for mounting kit also which can be placed anywhere in your house.
  • Simple and effective to set up- the echo look is easy to set up you just must download the app and pair it with the device and place the deceive at a shoulder level, so it can take your pictures.
  • Far Field voice recognition – The Echo Look has 4 powerful microphones which can hear your voice from anywhere in your room, so it is a good thing of this product. Even in noise or even during playing song it can hear you.
  • Alexa – This is an amazing feature, Alexa is a smart virtual personal assistant who assists you in many things and can do many things for you. The best part of this speaker is it has a feature of Alexa. You don’t need to use hands while making a command that is a great thing of this speaker. While working you can ask Alexa and it will give you an answer to your queries. You can command Alexa to make calls for you. So, this is the best feature of this speaker.
  • Picture- the Camera of Echo Look is of 5 mega pixels and is surrounded by led flash and 4 bulbs to light up the picture.
  • Mike and speaker – Echo Look have a mike and a good speaker and has a mute button
  • Style assistance – Alexa based on the pictures you click creates a personal daily look and provides you with fashion advice in respect to your wardrobe and comparison between two outfits.
  • It also recommends products available on Amazon in accordance with your wardrobe.

What’s bad about Echo Look?

  • It is not wireless if you want to take pictures you have to keep the device plugged and the wire is also small and not to very big.
  • Echo Look does not offer to call and to message with Alexa, or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • If we compare the Echo Look to other speakers, then the sound quality of the Echo Look is not good. It is not recommended for those who want a good sound quality from a speaker.
  • Takes pictures and short videos of 6 seconds only which is very less time frame to make a video
  • The camera resolution is very low i.e. only 5 megapixels. Today even a normal phone has a better megapixel camera.
  • Risk of infringement of privacy as photos are uploaded on cloud, however, the same is encrypted


Searching for Coupons and discounts is really a big Challenge for the online seller as we know that there are many sites who provide online coupons and discount deals but we don’t know the right platform to get the correct coupon codes. By using any coupons you can get Alexa echo look in very reasonable price.

If you are a person who is very conscious about his/her looks and is comfortable in getting fashion advice from artificial intelligence and amazon fashion expert team then this is a device for you. However, if you are looking for a device which has a nice sound system then you should explore other options to achieve the same, as the Echo look is for visual interaction.

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