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Are Prepaid Plans For You? Now Prepaid SIM Card Comes Home With 10digi

When choosing a network plan online, most of us face this question: Should I buy a prepaid new connection or a postpaid one?

Well, the answer seems to be hidden in the nature of your usage. If you like keeping a hold on you mobile phone bills/ recharges or looking for value for money plans, then there are plenty of prepaid plans that may attract you.

Are Prepaid Plans For You? Now Prepaid SIM Card Comes Home With 10digi


­Some advantages of using prepaid SIM card:

  • One of the biggest advantages of a prepaid SIM connection is the flexible tariff plans. You can switch plans whenever you want to or when the validity expires.
  • There’s a lot of plans to choose from based on your usage and you can change or make additions your tariff plan as per the immediate need.
    For instance, if you have used up the data provided in the plan but you need to access the internet, all you have to do is send an SMS to a code and you can choose from a ‘mini’ data pack as per your requirement.

This is an advantage that postpaid users don’t have.

  • If you don’t plan on spending a lot on your usage, there are a lot of budget-friendly prepaid plans you can go for. You can access these plan details by searching online. You can search for ‘Airtel prepaid new connection,’ ‘Idea prepaid new connection,’ or any other operator of your choice.
  • There are a lot of added benefits that prepaid connection users get, like free SMS and no roaming charges, etc., on their package. These offers come across almost all the plans.
  • It’s a great way to monitor how much time you’re spending online, as most of us spend endless hours just scrolling on social media and websites.

If you want to keep a tab on that, it’s a good option to go old school and opt for a prepaid connection. As a prepaid connection provides daily data credits, you are completely aware of your internet usage. That way, you’re active on social media but also know how much time you have spent on social accounts.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, you can order prepaid SIM card online on 10digi.com, right from the comfort of your couch.

To place an order for a prepaid SIM card, all you have to do is follow these easy steps and we’ll deliver the new SIM card at your doorstep.

  1. Select New Connection Plan: First, you have to choose a service company. You could pick an Airtel prepaid new connection or choose from Idea or Vodafone.There are plenty of value for money prepaid plans to choose from. For instance, you could opt for the plan by Airtel Prepaid new connection offering 1GB/ per at just Rs. 178 or a similar Vodafone prepaid new connection, offering unlimited calling and 1GB data per month at Rs 177. Or you could opt for a plan from Idea prepaid new connection, like 1.4GB data per day with unlimited calling at Rs 495 for 84 days.
  1. Choose Number Or Port Number (MNP): You could select a number that seems convenient for you to memorize or if they include your lucky numbers if you’re into that!

Or if you wish to keep using the same number, you can port your number online to a better network and get a prepaid plan of your choice.

  1. Delivery Details: The final step is to fill in the details of your delivery address and select a time slot according to your preference.
    Your new prepaid SIM will be delivered for free on this address.

Voila! You’ve successfully placed your order for a new prepaid connection.

The SIM will be delivered at your selected location on your chosen time slot.

 Now that you have all the information you need, you can simply log on to 10digi.com and follow these steps to get yourself a new prepaid SIM card in no time!

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