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How To Change Font In Whatsapp

Hello friends, these days everyone wants to customize their phone and make them to look cooler. Some people uses different themes, wallpapers and different fonts for customization. Here in this post am back with this easy tutorial to change WhatsApp font style without root. Now everyone using WhatsApp messenger and chatting with friends and family. Whatsapp was getting favorite day by day and users looking for customizing WhatsApp for more enjoyment. So here am sharing this WhatsApp font change tutorial for all WhatsApp lovers. You can use formatted text in messages and impress your friends using stylish fonts by following this trick.

Formatting texts help you to understand words easily. Everyone loves highlighting some particular words when they are writing a post. For example, if you are a blogger and writing blog posts, Then you will use some bold texts and underlined texts. This will highlight essential words to users, and they will understand your statement easily. Whatsapp is also offering this text formatting in messenger to impress your friends by highlighted texts.

How To Change Font In Whatsapp

You don’t want to root your android mobile to use this formatted texts in your WhatsApp messages. Use some basic formatting tips to highlight words with bold text, italic text and strikethrough texts. You can also change your message text style to other fonts than official WhatsApp font. Also, Read my previous post-Instagram Captions for friends. Now Just follow below tips to change font style in WhatsApp.

How To Change Font In Whatsapp :

Here are the text formats to write bold, italic and strikethrough texts in WhatsApp chat messages. Use below arrangements in WhatsApp while sending messages to your friends and see the results.

Bold Text: To make your words bold in messages, Simply add asterisks to either side of the word. This will make your word bold in WhatsApp. For example, if you gonna message them as How are you my brother. and wanna brave “brother.” Then simply type How are you my *Brother* and send it.

Italic Text: Wanna write italic text in messages. Then just add underscore on either side of a particular word like _Italic Text_ and send it. Word will convert into italic text.

Strikethrough Text: To express strikethrough text in messages, Then add tildes to either side of the word. For example, write ~strikethrough~ in the message and send it.

o Change your font style to WhatsApp message. Use “just” on either side of the message. This will change your style of fonts and convert your message into a stylish font. This message is shown in new font style than official WhatsApp font. This is a great idea to impress other participants in WhatsApp groups.

Here is the example: “`Hello Friends, Good morning to all“`

How To Change Font Color In Whatsapp :

Wanna change font color in WhatsApp messenger messages?. Here you need a WhatsBlueText app to make colorful texting in WhatsApp. This application is working on all android mobiles with or without root. Unlike above text formatting, This app needs to enter the word in Whats Blue Text app to convert it to colorful text.

Download WhatsBlueText App and install it like the normal android app. In UAE The app is banned so before downloading check your IP here. Make sure you are enabling unknown sources in Android security settings to install this third-party app. If it’s already enabled. Then just leave it and install whats blue on your mobile. One more tip: If you use a VPN, perform a speed test on to see if your internet connection is fast enough.

Now open this app and enter the desired word in first text converter field. Now your word will convert into 25+ different fancy font styles to use them on WhatsApp.

Finally, click on the share button and share this text with WhatsApp messenger. Then Choose a particular contact and send your text message. They will receive your blue color chat text directly from your WhatsApp number. This app has 25+ exclusive font styles to make your conversation beautiful. So enjoy chatting with friends and loved one with stylish fonts and crisp texts.

Finally, you are ready to change the font in WhatsApp to impress all WhatsApp friends and WhatsApp group members. Use these tips in official WhatsApp or any other WhatsApp mods like WhatsApp plus and GB WhatsApp. This trick working in all WhatsApp messenger mods and official messenger. Share this article with friends and comment here if you have any questions about this tutorial.

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