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Tips To Sleeping Better And Waking Up Feeling Full Of Energy

We all wish to have an active life and do many things every day. One necessary condition to be full of energy and ready to change the world is to get a good night rest. But sleep deprivation is considered to be a modern epidemic, as more and more people find it difficult to rest appropriately. Stress, problems, hard work and no time to unwind – all those can bring sleeping problems.

Tips To Sleeping Better And Waking Up Feeling Full Of Energy


Lucky for us, there are some things we can do to improve our sleep and enjoy a bursting energy the next day. I have used some of the tips featured bellow, as I had my share of insomnia and poor sleeping. The beauty is that they are at hand and all you need to enable them is a little bit of will and discipline.

Set a sleeping schedule

Impose yourself a sleeping chart which requires going to bed at the same time every evening (weekends included) and waking up at the same morning hour. This habit will adjust your inner body clock.

Relax before bedtime

Do something that makes you calm down, like reading, listening to music or handcrafting. It will reduce the anxiety you developed during an entire day of rush.


Whether you go to the gym and work out hard or you do some light exercise at home or in the park, it will benefit you more than you imagine. That happens because exercising drops the level of stimulating hormones (such as adrenaline) and sends the body into a relaxed state.

Tips To Sleeping Better And Waking Up Feeling Full Of Energy

Use comfortable, clean mattresses

Sleeping on the inappropriate mattress will severely damage your rest. Find the one that suits your needs best and make sure you keep it clean and free of allergens. The same goes for the pillows.

Manage the light exposure

Expose yourself to bright light during the morning and avoid it in the evening. It would be better to make sure the room is completely dark when you go to bed, and no artificial lights get in.

Avoid stimulators

Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and energizing drinks – they all influence the quality of your sleep. Try to avoid them before going to bed.

Eat light

Substantial meals are not recommended for dinner at all and especially if you want a good rest. If you are hungry, get a light snack at least 45 minutes before calling it a night.

Tips To Sleeping Better And Waking Up Feeling Full Of Energy

Shut down electronics

All electronic devices cast a “blue light” which is considered harmful to our sleep. It’s best to stop using them when bedtime approaches.

Practice relaxation techniques

Try deep breathing, muscle relaxation or visualizing a peaceful image or place. Also, a relaxing massage or a meditation session might do the trick.

Cool down the room

A bedroom that’s too hot is not the proper setting for a good sleep. We sleep better when the temperature is lower. If you can’t control the entire room, control the mattress you sleep on: according to, there are smart products now, which can adjust the bed temperature for you while you’re sleeping.

Have sex

Studies confirm the extended benefits of sex on sleeping. The hormonal changes sex induces in our bodies help us relax, unwind and rest better within minutes after intercourse. And Sex casts out stressful thoughts from our minds. No wonder we fall into a deep, healthy sleep and we get up feeling full of energy the next morning! Your testosterone levels are higher when you wake up, try morning sex to make use of that extra energy and explore using sex toys. You can find an array of sex toy collections on this website here.

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