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How PUBG Mobile has changed the Gaming Industry?

It is no secret that PUBG is one of the biggest games of all time. Since the time, it was first launched in the market, it had taken the world by storm. It’s been almost 4 years and the craze for PUBG is still strong.

The game was initially launched for PC gamers. But seeing the uncontrollable craze, the developers were convinced to launch the mobile version of the game. This allowed gamers to play PUBG on the go. They no longer had to stay glued to their computer screen. The best thing about PUBG mobile is that it is equally good as the PC version.

The rise of PUBG mobile has brought many new changes in the gaming industry. As a PUBG lover, it is only fair for you to know about it. In the text below, we are going to discuss how PUBG mobile is changing the gaming industry. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Ways PUBG Mobile Is Changing The Gaming Industry

PUBG is one such game that has even got non-gamers addicted to it. This game has broken all stereotypes surrounding video games. PUBG is not only the favourite game for gamers, but even others play it for fun and time pass.

The rise of PUBG led the developers to believe that they could make more profits by launching a mobile version of the game. Well, they were right! PUBG mobile is not only a hit but it’s also changing the gaming industry forever. If you are wondering how then go through pointers given below.

1. Back in the days, no one would ever dare to download a mobile game of 2GB. Even a 500MB game file seemed to be a lot for the gamers. But with the launch of PUBG, people didn’t even think twice before downloading the game.

The mobile version of PUBG has a 2GB file size but that didn’t stop the users from downloading it. Instead, it has been downloaded by millions of people all across the world. Out of these millions of users, only a half a million have phones that are capable of supporting such a large file. But people didn’t seem to care much. PUBG is loved by everyone and it was enough reasons to download it on the mobile phone.

The game was even downloaded by people, who don’t usually game. Today, gaming developers are getting the courage to design gaming apps bigger than 500MB. But back in the days, it would have been a big flop. This has happened due to PUBG mobile alone. It has convinced people to download bigger gaming apps on their phones.

2. As you may already know PUBG is a multiplayer game. These types of games are usually preferred on PC or consoles. But with the launch of PUBG mobile, the whole scenario has changed.

Multiplayer games usually come with complicated controls that are not easy to use from your mobile phone. But that doesn’t seem to apply on PUBG mobile. The game provides you with easy to use controls and PC like gaming experience even on a small screen. Due to this reason, developers are now having the courage to develop multiplayer games for the mobile platform.

3. Around 90% of mobile games don’t have appealing graphics. Even the games that have a PC or console version couldn’t set the standard of quality graphics for mobile gaming. What other games failed to do, PUBG mobile made it happen.

PUBG mobile is one of the very few games that provide excellent graphics even on a mobile platform. The quality of graphics in PUBG mobile is almost as good as the one that you see on your PC. This is yet another reason that made the game popular among the users.

A game with good quality graphics is always more interesting to play than the ones that don’t. It doesn’t matter on what device you are playing. Unless the graphics are good, you won’t find it interesting to play. In this case, PUBG mobile has broken all stereotypes. It’s one of the very first games that has such great graphics.

4. PUBG mobile is not only fun but also very exciting. You can enjoy the same amount of excitement while playing PUBG. This game has helped popularise the battleground genre which had lost its value in the past. But with the rise of PUBG mobile, people are all about battleground genre games.

The popularity of PUBG gave a rebirth to battleground games. After the release of PUBG, many games were released in the same genre. People who never played battleground games started loving it. It can be said that it was a new starting for battleground games.

5. It is a common belief that games are only loved by boys. Well, that is true to some extent as we hardly get to see any lady gamers. But with the release of PUBG mobile, it even attracted girls. This is one of the games that got girls and non-gamers addicted. Everyone wanted to see what the game was. PUBG became a trend that everyone wanted to follow. This increased the number of downloads all across the world.

Thus, you can see how PUBG mobile changed the gaming industry once and forever. Every year, we are introduced to many games but PUBG was and is still a trendsetter. Due to PUBG mobile, the gaming industry has now got new ideas to work on. In other words, developers are working to improve the quality of mobile games. Today, we are getting mobile games with better features and graphics. That’s because the developers want to match the standard set by PUBG.

Also, it has changed the way we play multiplayer games on our mobile phones. Unless you have played PUBG mobile, you wouldn’t understand the fun and excitement of it. PUBG mobile is not just a mobile game but it has emerged to be a way of life for many.

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