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AppValleyApp- Download Tweaked Apps, Games And Emulators On Your iOS Devices


AppValley is an app installer that can be used for iOS mobile devices. It provides convenient services that are free of all the hassle. AppValley will provide you with your favourite apps and games for free. Unlike other premium applications, you can download this application without jailbreaking your iOS device. The app’s selection of exclusive content is one of the largest including many un-official and modified data. It is completely safe to download using AppValley. The app’s developers work constantly to guarantee safety and will immediately respond to any issues. Using AppValley does not compromise your device in any way.  They also provide regular updates to their users to ensure they get the best from their applications. New content is also added to the app regularly.


How to Download Apps and Games from Appvalley

It is easy to download AppValley App. Here is how:

  1. First, install the AppValley app by downloading it from the Safari browser on your iOS device.
  2. Launch the app. Once opened, search for the app or game on the categories provided or through the Search button.
  3. Once the download has begun, wait for a while until the install option appears where you will select install.
  4. On the home screen, you should see a ‘waiting’ notification which you should tap so that the download can begin.
  5. Wait till the installation process is complete and a new icon will appear on your home screen.

Main Features

AppValley has many great features such as:

  1. Ease of download and use.
  2. All apps are free.
  3. Jailbreak is not necessary.
  4. Applies to iOS13 and other lower versions.
  5. It is secure and reliable.
  6. It updates regularly.
  7. There are thousands of apps and games that are modified.
  8. Stock apps have extra features added to them.
  9. Has some of the best games which also have extra features for free.

Best Apps on AppValley

AppValley has more than 2000 apps as well as games. All these have been categorized by developers so that users can easily access them. These are:

  • App Store Apps- This is the official store for the apps and games.
  • Modified Apps- This is where popular games are found.
  • Exclusive Apps- These are apps found in sources that are not official.
  • Tweaked Apps- These include apps that have been given new features.

Here are the best apps for AppValley:

  • MediaBox HD- This is a free movie app where users can watch TV shows and movies
  • Minecraft- Minecraft is a game that took the world by storm many years ago and continues to grow in size and popularity since then.
  • MIB Coin Miner- This is an app that is designed to mine cryptocurrency using mobile devices.
  • Spotify is an app with which you can listen to millions of songs as well as podcasts for free.
  • Pokémon Go++ PRO- Pokémon Go Plus get more out of the Pokémon Go Game. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your iOS devices. Poke Go will alert you when there is a Pokémon nearby.
  • BobbyMovie (CotoMovies)- BobbyMovie/CotoMovies stream movies and TV shows for free on your iOS devices.
  • Last Day on Earth Hack- Last Day on Earth app is a game that applies zombie survival that users have found very attractive.
  • Fly Delta- This award-winning app provides users fast access to their boarding pass and relevant information about day-of-travel. It simply makes travel easier.
  • MovieBoxPro- This app is a video streaming application. With more than 15,000 movies as well as TV series, MovieBoxPro is one of the best apps.
  • MIB Coin Wallet- With MIB Coin wallet, it is possible for the user to trade their mined coins with everyone. It is safe to send and receive with MIB Coin Wallet without difficulty as well as trade safely.


AppValley has been designed for those users that are not satisfied with the apps that come with their devices. This is because AppValley apps, unlike your usual apps are all free with no jailbreaking required. Downloading the app takes only a minute and it is worth checking out as it caters for the tastes of all ages. Try the app for yourself and see.

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