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What is the Game Development Process?

It can take months or even years to finish the thrilling process of making a mobile game. A lot of various stages must be taken in order to produce a good game, so getting assistance from a professional may be beneficial. However, there are many distinct requirements and obstacles involved in creating interactive virtual reality, so you should consult with mobile game designers who can help you with idea generation and refinement.

Game Development Process

Here are some examples. Scene lighting should be realistic. You should know the physical fundamentals of the processes. The enemies should not be blunt. The artificial intelligence of agents should be at their best. The game should be moderately difficult to play. The game settings should be finely balanced. The bullets hit the walls should leave traces, the mimicry of the character should not cause rejection


At this stage, game production specialists get down to business. His task is to collect information about the project and its audience, design custom scripts, style development, drawing up instructions for fonts, colors and sizes, creating layouts and prototypes, drawing the interface in graphic editors.

At the design stage, figuratively speaking, the foundation is laid for the future game from aaa game art studio. It is necessary to determine the purpose of the game and the means of its creation. The goal of the game is understood as what the developer wants to get from the game and what the player will strive for in the game. It is necessary to decide on the genre of the game (we described them in detail earlier). But the genre only defines the main actions that take place in the game, and the setting is responsible for how these actions will be presented to the player.


The prototype of the project is expanded by the development team to a full-fledged version of the game in accordance with the drawn up plan and project documentation. The phase ends with the release of an early version of the game for the selected market. Typically, this version contains 30-50% of the total amount of game content and differs from previous technical versions in great stability of work and a small number of errors.

Graphics are usually done in parallel with the development and coding process, and are usually handled by a separate person. It is very difficult to combine the work of not only a programmer, but also a designer, but sometimes it can be done alone, besides, some projects do not require very high-quality graphics, or ready-made pictures and sprites are taken.

Sound and soundtrack in games is a very important part, which, however, is very often ignored by novice developers. Think, the player, like any person, has only a few basic senses, and the more senses are involved in the game, the better the player’s immersion in the process.


The next stage of aaa game development is testing. In general, testing games is not very different in complexity from testing other applications. Difficulties sometimes arise when trying to figure out how to test them in the best way given the richness of interfaces and interactions typical of games. What’s even harder is the localization of the specific (and rather strange) bugs you encounter in them.

So, it can be noted that testing games is as difficult as testing any other application, and the consequences of bugs can be quite severe for both users and the company’s reputation. There are many variations of behavior in games. The above situation may give you thoughts on how you would approach testing this game. If may require to triple a game developer.


The launch of the game is the result of the entire process, which directly summarizes all those processes that were previously performed. Game development has evolved into a full-fledged industry over the past decades and has evolved a lot. Previously, programmers did not know where to start, due to lack of information and resources, now – due to excess.


For the developers of this is the most important stage, as it shows the result of long process of development. In many cases the final product is still launched with some bugs. An important part of post-launch support is feedback from the clients, who very often find small mistakes. Companies ask them to tell about this.

Also this stage includes new updates, regularly done to the product.

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