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How Much Do You Know About “Acrylic”?

Now many home furnishings and home decorations appear in words ” acrylic stairs, “”acrylic railings,” “acrylic pillars,” in Ottawa. You can find many types of railings ottawa. Then what exactly is acrylic? What is the difference between the solid wood railing and the stainless steel railing that we usually contact?

  Acrylic is actually a kind of glass, which belongs to the English name, which translates to plexiglass. Because acrylic has better transparency, chemical stability, and weather resistance, it has a wide range of applications in the home improvement industry. The staircase made of acrylic has beautiful appearance and strong permeability, making it the first choice for many modern home improvement stairs.

How Much Do You Know About "Acrylic

Here are some properties of acrylic:

  1. Excellent transparency:

  According to, colorless transparent Plexiglas sheet with a light transmittance of over 92%. It is generally used on stair steps on stairs. It makes the whole staircase more transparent and avoids the visual pressure of the solid wood staircase.

  1. Weather ability:

  Acrylic material is highly adaptable to the natural environment. Even if it is exposed to sunlight, wind, and rain for a long time, it will not change its performance, has excellent anti-aging performance, and can be used safely in the outdoors.

  3.Good processing performance:

  Acrylic material is suitable for both mechanical processing and easy thermoforming. Acrylic posts can be dyed, and the surface can be spray-painted, screen printed, or vacuum coated.

  1. Acrylic materials are non-toxic:

 Even if they are in contact with people for a long time, and the gases generated during combustion do not produce toxic gases.

  The above are some small knowledge about acrylic, I will hear next time Acrylic stairs or acrylic columns must be known when they are actually only a kind of unique glass stairs or columns.

 Yellow pineapple:

The wood is shiny, straight in texture, thick in structure, and obviously even in annual rings. The material is soft, comfortable to dry, and has excellent processing performance. The wood color and pattern are lovely. The paint and glue properties are unique. The nailing strength is medium, and it is not easy to split; Good corrosion resistance, is used for high-grade furniture, plywood.

  Cinnamomum camphora:

its wood has an aroma, which can prevent rot and insects. The material is slightly light, not easy to deform, easy to process, the cut surface is smooth, shiny, excellent durability, and good bonding performance. The color is beautiful after painting.


 Beautiful pattern, coarse structure, excellent workability, finishing, gluing, inadequate drying, easy to crack, and warp. 


The tree diameter is large, the wood is extensive, and the pattern is beautiful, especially with a strong fragrance, which can keep the insects away.In the line of old wooden utensils, camphor is divided into several types according to its shape, such as red camphor, tiger camphor, yellow camphor, rosewood camphor, watercress camphor, white camphor, boat camphor and so on..

 Basswood: The color is dark and soft with little luster, but its shrinkage is small, which can be used as door core and desktop core.Alder is lighter than a walnut, darker in color, loose in texture, and has more enormous brown eyes and is scattered.

    Different types of solid wood stairs made of wood have different railings. When choosing stairs, handrails, and fences, you need to pay special attention to what material is made of solid wood. Only in this way can you avoid “shopping guide” flicker and buy high-cost Solid wood products.

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