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Pass Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin SPLK-1003 Exam & ExpandYour IT Career!

Splunk has brought a revolution to the world with its large-scale, high-speed indexing and searchtechnology for IT organizations. While Splunk Software Technologies are being adopted widely these days it is only natural that organizations need Splunk Certified Specialists.

Pass Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin SPLK-1003 Exam & ExpandYour IT Career

Splunk sports the largest system software for data gathering and while this data is enormous it needs to be administered. Organizations need Splunk Enterprise Certified Admins to handle various Splunk Enterprise tasks. You can become one in just a few days! Just buy the very effective and affordable SPLK-1003 Exam Questions from Exams4srue.

So who are these Splunk Admins? What do they do?And what benefits you’ll get if you are one? This article discusses all of these questions in explicit detail.

Who is Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin?

A Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin is one who is emerged in handling day-to-day Splunk Enterprise tasks. These tasks include license management, indexers and search heads. Also, they configure, monitor, and getting data into Splunk.For you to learn all this Splunk has introduced its Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Certification Exams. So you can prove your ability to support day-to-day administration plus maintenance of a Splunk Enterprise environment.

This certification is a prerequisite to becoming a Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect or Splunk Certified Developer. If you are seeking a career with Splunk Enterprise you will need to pass Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin SPLK-1003 Exam. Passing this exam becomes really easy with SPLK-1003 Dumps Questions Answers. Exams4Sure provides you with all the necessary tools to assist you to make topmost scores in just one attempt.

All about Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Exam SPLK-1003


The SPLK-1003 is your last toward successfully becoming Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin. This advanced-level certification exam is 57-minute long with 63-questionsto answer. The assessment evaluates your knowledge and skills to manage various components of Splunk on a daily basis, including the well-being of the installation process.

You can expect an additional 3 minutes to review the exam agreement. For better performance and a higher score,it is recommended you take training courses to prepare for the exam. If you are looking for efficient yet cheap SPLK-1003 Test Questions, Exams4sure is your best ally.

Exam Content:

The exam covers the following topic areas. The percentage in parenthesis refers to the estimated of a topic appearing in the exam:

  • Splunk Admin Basics (5%)
  • License Management (5%)
  • Splunk Configuration Files (5%)
  • Splunk Indexes (10%)
  • Splunk User Management (5%)
  • Splunk Authentication Management (5%)
  • Getting Data In (5%)
  • 0 Getting Data In – Staging (5%)
  • Distributed Search (10%)
  • Configuring Forwarders (5%)
  • Forwarder Management (10%)
  • Monitor Inputs (5%)
  • Network and Scripted Inputs (5%)
  • Agentless Inputs (5%)
  • Fine Tuning Inputs (5%)
  • Parsing Phase and Data (5%)
  • Manipulating Raw Data (5%)

The above topics are general guidelines and can be removed or added as and when without notice. The best way to keep up with the latest content it is recommended to get up-to-date SPLK-1003 Exam Questions Answers.

SPLK-2002 is available at

SPLK-1003: Policies, Validation, Cost & Perks

The Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Certification is valid for two years. After that, you will have to retake the exam. You will also have to retake the exam in case you failed in your first attempt. Although this has fewer chances of happening if you use a proper SPLK-1003 Test Guide. However, if you do fail then you will have to wait 7 days before retaking the exam. If failed in the second attempt as well you will have to wait 14 days. The cost foran exam is $125 each.

Splunk is so successful with tons of benefits for an organization working with big data analytics. Its technologies offer features that are clearly more powerful than others. While real-time processing is its biggest selling point there are also other benefits. And being Splunk Certified is a validation that you can provide these benefits to your organization. Ultimately increasing your value and prowess in so many ways. Plus, the certified Splunk administrators are easily earning an average salary of $56,331 per year. So the only thing left now is getting the SPLK-1003 Practice Questions and start your training.

Why Delay? Apply Now!

If you are ready to take a step forward for your future we are willing to offer our support. Exams4sure is one of the valid and accurate SPLK-1003 Exam Dumps. Don’t believe us? Check out our site you will learn there are many certified professionals already prospering in their respective career after getting our help. The SPLK-1003 Practice Test material will get your ready to take on this highly competitive industry. All you need is the readiness and enthusiasm. Then we will help you succeed in the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin SPLK-1003 Exam. Apply now and start moving to a bright career with Exams4SureSPLK-1003 Exam Questions.

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