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How Long Does It Take For Pre-Workout To Kick-In

Who wouldn’t want those increased energy levels before workout? That’s where pre-workout comes in. Most people would unapologetically go for a banana or a cup of caffeine to have that extra energy. But, if you are dedicated enough you will need more than that.

So, what actually is Pre-Workout?

Pre-workout is a fuel for your body before you start your regular exercising.

These are supplements usually in the form of a powder, that are to be mixed with a drink. But there are other forms as well, such as capsules and chews.

These supplements are in generally made from, Caffeine, Vitamin B12, sugar, and other energy boosting stimulants. Providing your body some extra glucose and boosting the sugar levels, so that they can supply you the additional energy during your workout.


When should you be taking your Pre-Workouts?

A quick proven fact; warming up your body well before hitting the gym is the most important!

So, how long before the full effects of the pre-workout supplements kick in and your body is all warmed up to gym?

Well, it differs from person to person depending on their susceptibility to the ingredients in the supplements. For now, the conditions for an average individual will be discussed below.

If you are planning on or taking asupplement such as Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre workout just before you are about to exercise, you are doing it wrong.

Even if you are headed to the gym and wait until you reach there to take your supplements, it will be after a number of exercises when the effects fully kick in.

For that reason, as a concerned individual you’ve got to play smart.

Taking your pre-workouts about 45 minutes or an hour before your workout, is most likely to show the full effects. And you will have increased energy levels to get through a long workout.

Also, there are a number of indications that may occur to help you judge whether the supplements are showing any effects. Those include a kind of a different feeling in your body or some kind of a prickling sensation on your skin.

Moving forward, now the duration of how long the effects of the pre-workouts last also depend on your metabolism. I.e. How long your body takes to cut out all that extra amount of caffeine in your system. On average it takes about 4-5 hours.

Now, there are various products introduced into the market that claim to be the best pre-workout supplements, and most of them have actually gained impressive reviews.

Certainly, trial and testing is essential before choosing, as people have their individual preferences and workout plans.

But, the following option (as mentioned earlier) has proven to be the best to start with;


If you are just starting out, this product is for you. The product has appealed to a vast majority of people as it have two different forms of caffeine and L-Theanine. These three ingredients in combination are said to give you a superhuman workout feeling!

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