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First Phone Call When Dating Tips

Emails and text messages are a great option when you are dating someone. In fact, knowing what to text a girl helps gain her interest. After texting for some time, you can move on to a phone call. If you want to know everything about the person you are dating, a phone call is always a good idea. You do not need to get nervous. Just relax.

A phone call is always like a Perfect Match for online dating. Yes, if you are dating somebody online, you must make voice or video calls to understand each other. After all, it is the most important part of the dating process.


Tell me, who does not feel curious to meet someone after hearing their beautiful voice? Even though the first phone call can sometimes be nerve-wracking. Since you have to put a good impression on your partner. But you still have to go for it. Here are some helpful tips that will never make you feel embarrassed in front of your date.

Put your partner at full ease

When you are dating someone, just make sure that you are always complimenting them and making them feel comfortable with you. If you would be more complimenting and conversational, you two will talk more easily. Try to make your precious one feel special. You can do this by telling them that you feel happy speaking to them.

Find a perfect signal spot

If you lose your signals while having your first phone call with your partner, this can be quite embarrassing. Look for a good signal spot where there is no chance of the signal dropping. Or else you can use a landline number to make a smooth call.

Be sweet and cheery

It must feel to the person that you are quite a cheery person. Try to keep your voice and tone happy and light. Talk nicely. You must seem happy and sweet by your voice.

Avoid short answers

While speaking to your date, elaborate on your replies. Try not to be short in your answers. For example, if somebody asks you, how was your day? You must tell them that It was great. I enjoyed it a lot with friends. We had dinner together. This will help to let the person know many things about you.

Remember, this is not an interview

You must know that you are not taking or giving any kind of interview. Keep your tone light and be friendly with the person. This will let him/her enjoy your company. Try to be more conversational and never start interrogating the other person.

You must know when to end

You must know the correct time of ending up the call. Do not go for too long calls at the very start. Just make them a bit exciting. Always end up the call with a lovely phrase that must tell that you two are a Perfect Match for each other.

Final Thought!!

For making your online date or your first phone call a successful one, never eat food while talking. Do not chew the gum. Try not to flush the toilet. Ensure that you must not be watching TV or doing something else that puts a bad impression on your partner. Read out the tips mentioned above to make your first call a successful one.

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