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How Many Decibels Should Shooting Ear Protection Be Rated To

Everyone knows the significance of “ears and eyes” at the range. But sometimes people do not pay their attention towards them, which in return results in a greater loss. The sound of gunfire is one of the hazardous and non-occupational noises that people are exposed to.

Many Decibels Should Shooting Ear Protection

Most people are accompanied by “tinnitus” which is a humming, ringing, and hissing in the ears. Keeping your ears protected is your responsibility. If, in the past, your hearing has not been damaged while not wearing ear protection, it does not mean that this is going to happen the next time also.

Have you seen shooters sporting different hearing protections at shoots but their ears still hurt. Why? I have also given out so many earplugs to the shooters to supplement their deficient earmuffs.

Also, while shooting is going on, I have seen many people who slip off their one ear muff so that they can listen to somebody talking to them, which then hurts them.

Indeed, the impact of firearms can be dangerous to many shooters who do not use ear muffs while shooting. It is mandatory to use ear protection from alchemyairsoft.com to protect your sense of sound. Let’s explore how many decibels shooting ear protection be rated at.

As per the Cooper Safety, you can find out the overall decibel reduction while wearing ear protection. This can be done by taking the NRR number.

For example, subtract seven and then divide by 2. If you are wearing ear protection that has a rating of 31, then the reduction would be 12. Like this (13-7=24. 24/2=12)

So, if the NRR rating of the ear protection you are wearing is 31, then your ammo and gun will produce a decibel level of about 100 when you fire. This means that the number you are exposed to is 88 decibels. (100-12=88).

Now you must be thinking what NRR is? So, NRR is the potential of any device that helps in noise reduction. This protection, however, is also subject to many other factors that include; whether or not you have worn the protection properly.

Do you know what the highest NRR rating for ear protection is? Yes, it is the figure 33 that has the most highly NRR rating for ear protection. This value, therefore, reflects the noise protection level that you will receive while wearing the device itself.

Note: For earmuffs, the highest rating level of protection is 31. While for buds, 33 is slightly a better possible rating. However, when we combine, two of the best possible ear protection options would offer an NRR of 36.


It is paramount to keep yourself protected from everything. This is one life that needs to be lived healthily and happily. Using the earmuffs or other kind of sound protection can help shooters in protecting their hearing. Your shearing limit is 85dB, if a shooter has heard a sound more than 85dB, this can result in serious hearing damage.

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