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How to Add to Golf Club Sets

When it comes to putting together your golf club set, you need more than a few clubs at your disposal. According to regular standards, this calls for at least 12 different clubs in a single set.

How to Add to Golf Club Sets

It isn’t a requirement for any game to have this number of clubs in a set. But it’s an essential practice nonetheless. It’s because this variety of clubs allows you to play through different conditions without any difficulties.

With that being said, you aren’t allowed to carry more than 14 clubs during a single round. As a result, you need to build the best golf club set with a careful approach that doesn’t get you over this limit.

You can add more value to your golf club set by getting a live video camera. To help you strike the perfect balance between these requirements, here are some tips:

Add a Little Variety to Your Set

By default, every set of golf clubs should have some variety in it. From the tee to the flag, this helps you deliver maximum performance across different conditions.

Have At Least 3 Woods in Place

Every golf club set begins with a high quality driver. Since this particular club helps you tee off each game, it is perhaps the most essential part of your set.

The driver is a part of golf clubs that are collectively referred to as “woods.” These clubs are typically used over the fairway, and provide ideal performance for longer shots. Apart from the driver, the ideal club set should have two more woods in it. Usually, this includes the 3 and 5 wood.

Have 7 Irons in Tow

Around seven of the remaining nine clubs are irons. These clubs are harder to hit, but they are essential for the best golf club set due to the critical role they play in getting you through the green.

Irons can come in different sizes and can be adjusted according to your comfort. Typical sizes include 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The seventh iron is usually called the wedge, which gives you more shot control while being closer to the green.

Have At Least 1 Hybrid With You

One of the remaining golf clubs has to be a hybrid, which is typically the 3H size. This particular club helps you hit from the rough but doesn’t require as much effort as the irons. This makes it an essential part of every club set.

Don’t Forget to Have 1 Putter

As the single club that helps you put the ball in the hole, this is essentially the lifeline for building the best golf club set. While you can get different sizes, experts recommend that you get a custom fitting for your putter in order to optimize your performance.

You Can Get a Pre-arranged Set or Build Your Own

This collection makes for a total of 12 golf clubs, which are typically available in the form of pre-arranged sets. But you can build your own set as well.

Depending upon your requirements, you can also add two more clubs from any of the categories to improve your game. As mentioned earlier, make sure not to go past the limit of 14 clubs for a single round.

Following these tips ensures that your investment in your golf clubs isn’t going to waste. As a result, you can get the most out of your new set and maximize your performance through it.

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