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How To Dry Out A Solar Camp Shower

Camping is fun and exciting. It allows you to connect with nature and explore it at the same time. When going camping, you will need to have the basics: a tent, sleeping bag, a compass, flashlights, food, first aid kit, matches, camp table, a lantern with extra batteries, and most importantly, a solar camp shower. To maintain hygiene during your camping trip.

Since being introduced to the market, solar camp showers have had a massive appeal. Especially to campers. Well, who would not like them, as they enable you to have a warm shower? After a day of adventurous camping activities.

Dry Out A Solar Camp Shower

They are inexpensive, easy to use, and light. However, after having that much needed and well-deserved shower while on camp, the trouble begins to dry it out. Maybe you want to head home and store it for a future camping trip. So how do you dry out a solar camp shower? Listed below are some of the ways you can dry it out;

1. Leave it out in the sun

Solar camp showers are good absorbers of heat. That’s what makes them so useful. Why not use this exact principle to your advantage? Once you have used up all the water, you can expose it to the sun. The heat will work to absorband slowly dry out the moisture remaining in it.

2. Store it in the freezer

Most people prefer this method as it does not allow for mold to grow on the camp shower. Mould negatively affects the camp shower as it may cause leakage. So to prevent the moisture from condensing and forming mold. Please place it in the fridge. That is if you have space.

3. Use a hairdryer

You can get a hairdryer, put it on low heat. Then open the caps on both sides of the camp shower. Now blow the air through the opens caps, and it will dry out all the water. This method may take some time. Besides, you will have to be extra cautious not to damage the camp shower by applying too much heat on the drier.

4. Use a coat hanger.

This is by far the most effective way of drying the camp shower. Get a coat hanger, one that is split in the middle. To enable it to thread through both sides of the camp shower. Check the hanger to ensure its smooth at the split point. Since when it is sharp, it may damage the camp shower.

Now place one side through the open end of the camp shower and do the same for the other end. After checking that the hanger is firmly in place, you can hang it up for drying. The best place would be on a clothes-hanging line or a tree branch.

By following one of the above steps and applying the safety checks for each, you will surely dry out your solar camp shower. Pick one that is most convenient for you and presents a low risk.

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