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How Can You Secure Your Crypto As Best As Possible?

How would you feel if you lost 25,000 Bitcoins like poor Allinvain? At the time this was worth roughly $500,000 and now even 150 million, as the Bitcoin price has risen lots. He was hacked because he had not taken the time to properly secure his crypto. There are many examples of Bitcoin traders who have been hacked and lost their money because of it. This threat has been becoming much bigger recently as almost all cryptocurrencies have gained value, like the Ripple price for example. Thankfully you can secure your crypto with the help of the tips mentioned below.

Secure Your Crypto

Use good passwords

The easiest way to secure your crypto is to make the effort to use good passwords. Unfortunately, we have been incredibly ill-informed about password creation in recent years. There are many websites that state that you should use at least one capital letter or several crazy characters like ! @ # $ To have the most secure password possible. This may improve security, but it is much more important to have a long password. In other words, it would be better to use long, easy-to-remember passwords instead of short passwords with lots of weird characters.

Use 2FA Authenticator

These security measures are especially important if you keep your crypto on an exchange. Let’s start by saying that storing your crypto on an exchange is far from the safest way anyway, but if you do it anyway using Google 2FA Authenticator an absolute must. This program ensures that your account is extra secure. Now suppose that hackers do find out your password in a miraculous way, then it is of no use to them if you have used 2FA Authenticator to secure your crypto. This way your coins are safe, so you can fully enjoy the rise of the Cardano price.

Use a hardware wallet

The best way to secure your crypto is to store it on a hardware wallet. There are various hardware wallets in circulation. The two best and most famous are the Trezor and the Ledger Nano S. The Ledger Nano S just wins this battle. The best, and one of the first, providers of the Ledger Nano S is Cryptomaan. This is a good place to purchase your hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is basically a small USB stick that is secured from all sides. Your private keys are stored on this wallet. You can then use these private keys to access your cryptocurrencies. If you buy cryptocurrency through an exchange platform, these steps to keep your assets secure are the best to take.

Stay anonymous

Cryptocurrencies offer you the opportunity to remain as anonymous as possible, so make sure to use this! Fortunately, there is little to be plucked from a bald chicken (us), but from the moment this is the case and you show this, you are a target for hackers. Keep your ego under control and never give up on all the gains you have made. Two examples of fairly well-known crypto names where this has gone completely wrong are Philakone and Ian Balina.

Never be lazy

Do not be lazy! Unfortunately, we have to accept that deep down humans are just very lazy. The crypto world also attracts the laziest people, because those are the people who think they can get rich without having to do anything for it. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Even for crypto, you still have to make a very little effort to secure it properly. People work hundreds or maybe even thousands of hours for the investment they have made in crypto, but investing a few minutes or an hour extra to secure this properly is often not possible. If you invest in cryptocurrencies, nothing is more important than to properly secure your investment!

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