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Here’s How a Solar Inverter Battery Can Make Your Solar Panel System More Efficient

Solar panel systems are rapidly becoming one of the leading energy sources in the country. This is majorly because of the cost-effectiveness and environment-friendly attributes of these systems. These factors have contributed to making them an incredibly lucrative choice.

The popularity of solar panel systems has attracted attention to another eco-friendly technology that can make your solar panel systems much more efficient – solar inverter batteries. Solar batteries are utilized to store excess energy, which can be supplied at night or in case of a power outage.

Here we talk about a few things that you need to know about solar inverter batteries and how they can enhance the efficiency of your solar panel systems.

Solar Inverter Battery

How Do Solar Inverter Batteries Accumulate Energy?

In other words, if you have installed a solar inverter battery along with your solar panel system, you can accumulate the extra energy instead of supplying it back to the grid. In case your solar panels are producing more energy that your appliances are taking up, the excess energy can be used to charge up the solar inverter battery. This energy comes into use at night or whenever your solar panels are not generating energy.

In addition to this, solar inverter batteries can also be used to provide instant power backup during a power cut, making sure you enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Why Must You Invest in a Solar Inverter Battery?

Whether or not you’re able to save extra money through your solar inverter batteries is dependent on how your grid or utility provider reimburses you for the solar energy you provide. Usually, the utility provider works on overall net metering. This implies that for every kilowatt-hour of electricity that your solar panel generates, you will earn credits on your electricity bill. This would mean that you would not be able to make any net saving by installing a solar inverter battery.

However, this does not mean that investing in a solar inverter battery is not an economically viable choice. There are many situations in which a solar inverter battery can enhance the return of investment on your solar panels, making them more efficient for your home or office.

To get a solar inverter battery at an affordable rate, you can seek the help of energy advisors from reliable brands such as Luminous. Luminous is known for being one of the best brands in the industry and offering both Short and Tall Tubular batteries for your solar panels.

Let’s look at two series of Luminous solar inverter batteries that you can buy.

  • L Series

L Series solar inverter batteries from Luminous have a range of c10 rated deep cycle batteries. These batteries are available at affordable rates and come with a warranty of 36-60 months.

  • H Series

H Series Inverter batteries are also C10 rated deep cycle batteries that are available with a warranty of 60 months.

What makes these batteries excellent for home use is that they require minimal maintenance. In addition to this, they only ask for a top up once every 8-10 months. Since these batteries function on high-temperature efficiency, they can easily withstand severe weather conditions.

So, if you wish to get a solar inverter battery for your home and increase the efficiency of your solar power system, look no further than Luminous. Visit their website today, to check out their range.

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