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Advantages of Deep Cycle Battery

The Deep Cycle battery’s box unpacking not just gives you a battery but also a lot of advantages tagged along. Yes! We know that the Lead-acid batteries, popularly known as Deep cycle batteries, are mostly used for the vehicles which need to gain more power in less time. Is it only meant for that? No! Here, we are introducing this article to you to let you know the advantages of picking up some of the best deep cycle battery.

Excited much? Keep on reading.

Advantages of Deep Cycle Battery

Main Advantages of the Deep Cycle batteries are:

1. Durability:

            On comparing with any other starter type or regular type battery, you can find that the Deep Cycle batteries live way longer than any other batteries. These batteries are designed in such a way that the maximum charge supply would be upto 80% only.

            Wondering how exactly it is different from the regular batteries? We will tell you. The regular or starter type batteries provide huge energy to start the machine of your vehicle. It means, the maximum of the charge consumption will be taking place at the start itself. Although, once the machine starts the alternator of the vehicle recharges the battery, but if any other devices of your vehicles need stable energy for a longer time, it will fail.

            Coming to the Deep Cycle batteries, as we said that the maximum charge consumption is fixed upto 80% only, charge security level is high. On starting, it takes only a needed amount of charge from the battery to start the machine unlike the regular battery that takes maximum power load. In such a way, the Deep Cycle battery by providing just the consistent power supply rather than a huge power as the starter, saves a lot of power. Thus, the durability of these batteries are high compared to any other batteries.

2.  Maintenance:

As the Deep Cycle batteries are more friendly and useful than any regular batteries, you might be thinking that they need high maintenance. If your answer is a yes, sorry to burst the bubble. Deep Cycle batteries require minimum and low maintenance than the normal ones. Wondering how? Let us explain.

These Deep Cycle batteries have solar panels and other materials embedded within. According to SEW (Solar Equipment World), the batteries which have the solar panel properties use solar energy to generate the power within themselves. Once the batteries recharged, it will store the energy perfectly inside the cells. There is no need for you to spend much time with these batteries as the system is designed to recharge, store and release the energy automatically. This is how we can say that Deep Cycle batteries are easy to maintain. Right, right?

3. Efficiency

As we discussed in the maintenance property, Deep cycle batteries will only release consistent energy. If we say that the durability increases, it directly means that the efficiency increases too. These are the astounding batteries that you can use for years without having any doubt.

These days, alternative energy resources are much needed. When it comes to the batteries, these batteries will cover as an alternative energy resource for you. These batteries reduce the dependency upon fossil fuels. This feature makes these batteries environment friendly in nature.

Additional Advantages:

  1. These are affordable in nature. Their prices are pocket friendly.
  2. They are designed in a systematic and uncomplicated way. So, if any troubleshoot or repair occurs, it is easy to solve.
  3. They are small and can fit in the vehicle in any direction.
  4. They are extremely reliable and robust in nature.
  5. These batteries can bear deep discharges too without being damaged, as we say that they have the capability of using only 80% of its charge in extreme conditions.
  6. They are environmentally friendly and user friendly (no regular maintenance needed).
  7. No hydrogen emissions in normal use, reducing ventilation requirements.
  8. These battery can be reconditioned easily
  9. They are suitable for longer term use as they have the lowest self-discharging rate, upto 4-5% per month.
  10. They are shocks and vibrations resistant.
  11. The discharge/recharge cycles may be high in number, but it won’t affect the efficiency unlike car batteries.

And a lot more…

Simply, these are the batteries this generation people need to look for. The Deep Cycle Batteries are ideal, long termed, durable and we can say, adorable too! They meet every little requirement we need, and still are not much expensive. They do justice to every penny we keep on them. Isn’t it? Well, these advantages yell so!

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