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Glass Plaque Awards: The Epitome Of Class

Glass award plaques are a solid form of communication. They send a certain image about the beneficiary and the receiver of the award. Think about it this way, why do you use glass products? What do you see in them?

Glass Plaque Awards

For most, glass conveys elegance, transparency, and strength. Sales and Marketing experts are always coming up with new ideas and campaigns to give new life to their advertising strategies. To set you and your company apart as unique entities, it is prudent to develop innovative ideas and approaches.

Glass plaque awards are a great idea to make audiences take note of you or your business. They can be used for awarding employee efforts, celebrating special occasions, advertising a business, and given as trophies during events.

Plaque Awards usually come in several shapes and sizes and are designed to fit all kinds of budgets. Glass plaques are the best way of setting yourself apart without robbing the bank and their use comes with a few benefits.

  • They Are Good in Quality 

Being a modern gift, glass plaque awards are sure to be made out of high-grade material. The standard for glass is quite good regardless of whether it is artificially manufactured or artisanal made. Glass plaque awards are designed to fully sync with your business image or your company’s principles.  

  • Variety In Design

Several businesses and companies go for 3D engraving when using glass plaque awards. If you are interested in doing glass engraving as a hobby, you can get acquainted with engraving techniques such as:

  • Handheld pin vice with a diamond burr. This is the most affordable technique of engraving glass and it’s also a good choice for a first time engraver who is trying out their skill. No electricity is required when employing this technique and it’s, therefore, cost-effective.
  • Drill technique. It is a very popular technique that allows users to operate several distinct burrs, points, stones, and polishers.
  • Use of a Copper Wheel. According to Tandfonline, this is a traditional technique that is used for glass crystal.
  • This may also be known as sand carving or engraving. Experienced award plaque engravers will use templates that are cut by hand to create beautiful stencils.
  • This is a technique that calls for a lot of experience and patience. Designs of the pattern are made by repeatedly tapping a carbide point to make small dots.
  • An Award That Lasts 

For your next promotional, memorial or sporting event, why not use glass plaque awards? Celebrate excellence in your company with plaques that are scratch resistant, lightweight, easy to work on and come in great price ranges.

Glass award plaques are robust and elegant with the potential of carrying the message of the event or the occasion for a long time.

  • Speaks To Your Audience

Plaque awards can be engraved with your logo or company slogan to help spread your message. Since glass is a polished material, if done well, the message you are trying to send will be magnified by using glass as a foundation.

It’s a simple way of modernizing your company image. When you use this kind of award plaque, you are not just giving out a simple gift but a gift that will represent and reflect your company’s principles.

It will also serve as a reminder to the beneficiary of your company and the values it stands for. 

  • Glass Awards Are Classy

These kinds of plaque awards carry a look of elegance, class, and eccentricity which makes them the best fit for an executive and professional environment. For instance, the classic twinkle of a standing glass plaque award is the best choice for company awards, sports awards, and other forms of professional acknowledgment.

  • They Have More Message Space And Versatility 

More than any other kind of award plaque, glass awards give more space to engrave messages. This makes them the most sought after plaques for memorializing your loved ones, recognizing a top sports performer or acknowledging a professional.

Since they are versatile, glass plaque awards offer a wide range of designs that will fit almost all events and occasions: From corporate events to fun sports days.

 According to, glass awards are a great return on investment and presenting them can reward you with loyalty, retention, and productivity.

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