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How Product Experience Impacts Customer Success

Product experience is the one opportunity that every company must give importance to. Excellent product experience is directly proportional to customer success.

How Product Experience Impacts Customer Success

No matter which industry you are in or what products you offer, you must focus on improving the product experience. We live in a world where everything can; getting from the comfort of our screens. Also, there are tons of companies in every industry.

If you don’t offer a great product experience, you’ll soon be a thing of the past. Building a new product is tough, getting people to come back for more is tougher.

New Market = New Product Expectations

A few years ago, selling as many products as possible was the sole aim of companies. However, now every company is striving to offer the best possible customer experience to everyone. Also, they’re focusing more on upsell than acquiring new customers.

Customer success is all about ensuring that the customers get the value they expected out of the products they purchased from you.

When it comes to customer success, it is crucial to know who owns the moving pieces. Who in your organization is responsible for improving product experience and who is responsible for enhancing customer success.

You can then bring those two together and map out a plan to enhance both.

Become More Productive

The better product experience you provide, the better customer success will be. If your product doesn’t add value to your customers’ life, it won’t make them productive. Thereby decreasing your customer lifetime value.

In fact, at times, the products are good but the company fails at conveying the importance and benefits of it to the customers.

Remember, customer success is a long-term and professionally designed strategy that maximizes customer and company value.

Great Product Experience Increases Brand Loyalty

If you offer a great product experience, it can increase your brand loyalty. But do you know 89% of consumers will buy from your competitor if they have a single bad product experience from you. This means, at times, you must be willing to compromise on profit margin just to offer better product experience.

If not, be ready to lose your customers. Besides, a lot of people are willing to pay an extra cost just to get a better product experience. Take advantage of it.

Better Product Experience Means Higher Customer Lifetime Value

You don’t need new customers every time to grow your business. In fact, you need a few loyal customers who choose you over your competitors. That’s another way product experience impacts customer success.

Ask yourself this, why will you buy a product that doesn’t benefit you? Do you know, on average, loyal customers are 10x more worth than their first purchase? Therefore, no matter what product you offer, make sure it benefits the customers.

Also, you can run a referral program and incentivize your loyal customers to keep them with you.

Better Product Experience Means Word-of-mouth marketing

Even the world’s best marketer will agree with the fact that word-of-mouth marketing brings the most business. If your customers don’t feel that your product is benefiting them, they’re more likely to not recommend you to their friends and families.

Therefore, make sure you offer a better product experience. This will help you turn your loyal customers into brand advocates. Brand advocates are known to recommend brands on a weekly basis.

How to improve Product Experience?

There are lots of ways by which you can improve the product experience. Most of them are common while others are industry-specific. Let’s have a look at some of the common ways to enhance product experience (which, in turn, will help you improve customer success).

  • Collect feedback. Send mails to understand what they expect from you.
  • Ask your customers what the pain point in using your products is?
  • Ask them what can be improved in your product?
  • Is there any other feature they would like to see?


Product experience has a direct influence on customer success. Irrespective of which industry you are in or what product you sell, make sure it adds some value to the product’s life. It can help you turn loyal customers into brand advocates and will increase the customer lifetime value.

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