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4 Ways AI & Drones Improve Construction Safety On The Jobsite

The construction industry takes up a significant percentage of the labor force. It provides millions of job opportunities for men and women all over the world. Consequently, the construction industry records the highest number of work-related accidents.

4 Ways AI & Drones Improve Construction Safety On The Jobsite

These accidents are due to different objects, machinery, materials, and sites that most workers encounter. Therefore, ensuring there is safety in construction works is always a challenge.

However, the rapid growth in technology is proving that there is a way to minimize the occurrence of accidents during construction work. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and drones is helping in safety enhancement in the construction industry.

Companies are using drones in construction sites to monitor and correct the necessary data that helps them in making decisions concerning ongoing work. Uses of this data include monitoring work progress, assessing risks, and identifying possible errors. Getting the ecological survey done of your site for any ecology related issues can help you more in development. And for this

The application of AI in construction is increasing with every passing day. Its data processing capabilities have been making work easier for sight managers in data analysis and decision making.

The use of technology is, therefore, improving efficiency in different industries. It is also playing a significant role in enhancing the safety of workers in construction sites. also read about Arcos inspection app that’s making field inspection much cheaper and easier

Ways AI & Drones Improve Construction Safety On The Jobsite

The following are ways in which AI and Drones are improving safety in construction sites

1. Monitoring the progress

The use of drones in overseeing the day-to-day development of construction work is boosting the security enhancement of the worksite. The supervisors can quickly identify and deal with possible dangers.

The use of technology such as Protex AI hazard identification to monitor construction works will help in identifying any machinery or objects that are likely to lead to accidents that may cause harm to workers. It will also help in ensuring that workers follow all safety measures required in their work.

Drone surveillance will help identify any worker not following necessary precautions such as wearing protective gear, using the right tools, or handling hazardous objects and materials.

When using drones to monitor work progress, it will be simpler for the workers to guide the movement of personnel, machinery, and vehicles. It will help drivers moving vehicles, within and around the site, not to ram into other objects and machinery. Therefore, a drone is more effective than a safety cone in guiding movement in construction. 

2. Inspection

Inspection of buildings and structures is essential throughout the whole process. The plot needs to be inspected in the first place for the ecological survey and similar surveys to ensure the land is suitable to build on. Then, once the build has started, inspections are key to ensure that the work is progressing in the right way. It helps project managers in identifying areas in which mistakes may exist. These mistakes may be in areas where it is not easy for a human to identify.

Drones help in providing the best visibility of all parts of a building or structure under construction. Therefore, the data they collect makes it easy to analyze using artificial intelligence and identify any errors.

The data that a drone inspecting a building or a structure collects also helps in the assessment of risks. The analysis of this data will aid project managers in identifying areas in which an accident is more likely to occur.

It will help identify weak points in the buildings and structures that they inspect. Inspection by the use of drones will also help in saving time since it is quicker and more accurate. 

3. Accessing unsafe and inaccessible areas

In construction works, there are always areas and parts of structures that no one can reach. There are also those areas that are dangerous to anyone trying to access them.

Examples of these parts are the top of cell towers and tall buildings, areas with hazardous material, areas with a risk of a fire breakout, among others.

The use of drones makes it easier to reach such areas for surveillance, monitoring, and assessment. The drone will help in assessing different situations to ensure that workers are not in any form of danger. 

4. Delivery of construction equipment and material

The use of drones has been advancing with time. The application of robotics in drones is one of such advancements. Some of the drones are big enough to carry equipment and materials from one point to another. Other drones have mechanisms that allow them to pick, hold, and move objects.

The application of drones in this area is making it easier for workers in construction sites that use materials that can cause bodily harm. Construction workers are also able to use such drones to deliver necessary tools faster and in areas that are not easily accessible. For example, a drone will bring a device to a person working on a tower easier and faster.


Construction works require everyone to be extra careful in whatever they do. However, even being extra careful will not warrant absolute safety. Even with all the safety measures the construction industry observes, there are still reports of accidents in worksites around the world. You cannot always trust a safety cone to guide you and ensure the safety of workers.

The need for a different approach to safety enhancement is increasing. The use of AI and drones in the construction works is helping realize this dream. It will help in ensuring that construction sites are safer for workers. It will also help in enhancing the efficiency of all construction works.

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